So much happening…

Let’s see, so much happening but I can’t help but feel like nothing is getting done. I see Brent putting out fires daily and, by sheer force of will, making things happen. I try to keep up. We have settled on some shoot dates and are starting to put the India pieces of the shooting puzzle together. I met with my artist friend – Dan Hamilton – and had him do some sample boards and a poster mock up. It was hard going a first. We haven’t worked together in a while so we spent the majority of our five hours sorting out what exactly I wanted and how to accomplish that. He sent me some cleaned up versions of what we worked on. The stuff looked pretty good and will be useful for sure. The mock up one sheet is a cool idea that needs to be fleshed out more. Had another prayer meeting last night [Monday]. About ten people showed up. Not bad…we prayed for all things NOT TODAY, all the people involved the decisions coming up etc. It was a great way to start another busy week. My wife was able to join us for the first time. It was great to have her next to me. We spoke with Bev this morning and a few more names were tossed around… “name” actors. Interesting people that I would never have come to myself. We are all still learning how to work with each other but got a good lesson today. I have a very specific idea for this film and especially it’s cast. I hear names and react. This can’t be a cheesy “b” movie. I think certain actors have baggage that pollutes their abilities. I say out loud, again, that the best actor, SAG or not, needs to be cast. Everyone agrees. But the names are interesting to me, now I try to picture them saying the words, being the characters. Seems like it might work…if they are interested. People continue to come and go as far as line producer candidates are concerned. We have met with probably 7 people and just have not found the right fit. Some have the ability but not the mind set to make a film with a budget so low, while others have the mind set but not the ability. This is a key position obviously, and so we will continue to wait, and pray for the right person. Jessica continues to run the website – which the new version was unveiled just this past week! Yahoo to Jess and team – and twitter and facebook. She gently prompts us when we lose track of our postings or when we forget to keep you guys [all you wonderful faithful people who read these blogs and care about this project] in the loop!:) So this week will be spent working on more storyboards, getting a few more poster concepts, starting to go out to talent and God willing, finding a line producer. Another big week. Thanks again for caring, reading, praying for this project.


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