Director’s Update

I will start by apologizing to whomever was reading this on any fairly regular basis.  The train that is Not Today the movie not only went off the tracks but it crashed and burned a little over the last few months.  So, again, I apologize for not keeping you “in the loop” on the inner workings of trying to get a movie made.  I justify it this way:  If I view you readers as if you were my children…sometimes you want to protect the ones you care about.

Anyway, suffice it to say that it is difficult at best and mind numbing and painful at worst to get a movie made.  The past few months have been alternately difficult, mind numbing and painful…painfully slow, painfully unproductive, painfully irritating and painfully frustrating.  I won’t bore you with the details but thanks to GOD we are back up and running.

On the up side:
We should be signing contracts and  hiring our line producer/upm team next week…more on them later.  They are great guys with tons of experience and great hearts.  And the extra added benefit for me that one of the guys father was a super cool director who made some amazing movies so I will certainly be talking shop with him about his childhood on film sets with Robert Redford and Chewbaca!

On the down side:
Unfortunately  –  but everything is God’s design, I am certain – it does seem that our master plan of shooting this year has gone down the drain.  Too bad but a fact.  So now we will aim for a first of the year start date.

We are having a script meeting – hopefully the LAST script meeting:) – on Monday.  It will be me, Brent, Chris and Denise and Mark Clayman. I expect this will go well and then we can lock the script and get on to casting.   I will try to do better at journaling the inner workings of trying to get a film made, in the future.  I appreciate your support and prayers.


PS.  Just talked to Chris and Denise.  They are excited and energized by our meeting earlier this week.  They also need new phones at their house:)

Stay tuned…


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