Script Update from our Director…

Just finished yet another draft of the screen play. This one was interesting in that it was supposed to be a pairing down of the script after a five hour story conference with Clayman, The Buenos and Myself and Brent. I was to go away for a week or so and make a pass to see how many pages our cuts would equal. The notes were good, effective and thought out…but here’s the thing, I sat down to write, spent many hours and made ALL the changes, took every suggestion tweaked almost every scene, bar none and now I sit, finished like I said, having just forwarded the draft to Brent, and am wondering how everyone will take the news that not only did the script NOT shrink in pages but in fact grew by three pages!! I wrote Brent yesterday when I was on page 98 and told him that it was not me…I truly want a shorter script to shoot. That would make my life as a director much easier, it really would, but the characters seem to have so much more to say about this then I do. They dictate, I just write what they want to say. So now I wait, the characters wait as well, silent and eager to hear what everyone will think. I pray for good news but am ready to hear “this script needs to be 105 pages” once more and I will probably answer, once more, that I am trying!

Yesterday was Monday, Labor Day. I had a few hours to contemplate the script and am feeling pretty good about it. I will wait to see what the notes back are of course but overall I feel pretty good…the length does not bother me. I think of our producers are comfortable with it – I know I can shoot it – then we go with it as is.

We have a big meeting coming up with a head of the faith division of a major studio. They have already read an earlier draft of the script and really like it. Our goal is to hand him a locked final draft when we sit down for dinner on the 17th of this month. Doable for sure. We shall see. Like I said, will try to report in much more regularly now that contracts and details have been ironed out. I wil also report things here that are not common knowledge [casting details, shoot schedules etc…] so if you are interested, the web site and these blogs are the place to stay plugged in.
Speaking of being plugged in and getting exclusive info… we have a mock up poster that I will share very soon with only you guys here so until then, here is a little bit about our graphic artist. He is a good dude and an old friend of mine. His name is Dan Hamilton. Check out his work at:
While we are on the subject… if any of you are film poster fans in general [I LOVE them. I have probably close to 2 hundred:)] check out these two guys work: Tyler Stout – – and Tom Whelan –
They are amazingly cool. Anyway, stay tuned and I hope you had a great Labor day.


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