A week in the life of our Director…

A week in the life of our Director…

Monday, I went for my usual mountain bike ride to get the morning started.  I always say a prayer.  Thanks for another day, for the time to ride etc…and on Monday I added this: please continue to write YOUR story as I am out of ideas and need to finish the re-write by tomorrow.
I left it at that and took off on my ride.  About half way up the first really awful hill I started getting flooded with ideas for how to make the changes that were requested and how to bridge story points etc.  My mind was firing super fast…one idea after another after another.  Answered prayers always leave me speechless, and in this instance breathless as I pedaled so hard to get home I actually caught up with a few rider friends who had started before I did.  God continues to guide his project and I am betting that as long as we continue to hold it loosely he will be sure to keep it on track.

Our aim is to finish the script by the end of this week and start casting next week.  Our amazing crew is still on board. I could go on and on about our crew…they have waited patiently for us to get things together…
There is Beverly who let us use her office the other day for our make shift script meeting.  She has been with us for a while now, patiently waiting with a smile…and Heather who is willing to change her travel plans for the Olympics to work on the film.  There is Abe who is in Africa at the moment but, still has time to send me an email about a video shoot next month.  My point here is to say that we have been blessed with some great talented people who really have a heart to tell this story and that is an answer to prayer.

So, Brent has the script now and will read it tonight and get back to me tomorrow morning…if all is well then we will send it out…once again!

It is now Wednesday morning.  Just finished going over Brent’s very few notes.  The script is done!!  Hopefully everyone will like.   I have been imagining the story…casting Kavya and Bhupinder, Sarah and Ezekiel…we need a ton of prayer for casting as it will be pivotal to the success of the project.  Most directors say that casting is a good half of their job.  I completely agree.

Wait, now it is Thursday afternoon…my how time flies.  Anyway, we just posted a bit of the interview I shot with Kamlesh.  She is the little girl who was burned so badly.  Hopefully that will give you some context to my crying like a baby:)  This vid was shot in Delhi [if I remember correctly] on a day that was super hot [in the 90’s at least with about 80% humidity!  We were staying at a “resort” that at first did not want to let Kamlesh and her father and village leader onto the property but finally relented and then did not want to give us water for them [they would have “had” to break the glasses after the Dalits drank from them] so instead they allowed us to buy bottled water from them…at three times the normal price.  I tried to operate a hand held camera and monitor the tripod shot and not pass out.  That should explain the poor vid quality.  At the end of the interview it started to rain on all the gear, I grabbed the camera’s up and rushed under cover with the rest of the group.  I had been feeling bad for about the last half hour of the shoot and so said my goodbyes to the group, went into the hotel and spent the next two and a half days in my room sick.  I drank who knows how many homemade gatorade [lime squeezed into a bottled water bottle with salt and a bit of sugar] bottles and was finally able to finish the trip.  Not a great way to end a trip for sure…but for me I was coming home.  But for Kamlesh, she was just starting her journey to reconstructive surgery [I think that is what they said she would need since her arm was scared and bent.  They would have to straighten it and start over.  The woman interviewing her was from the Dalit Freedom Network and she managed to raise the money for Kamlesh to be taken to a real hospital and get looked after properly.

Until next time.


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