Got an email from No Budget Film school a few days ago and finally had the time to go through it.  I landed on an article about the Blair Witch tenth anniversary.   I know what you are thinking right now…a bit off topic right?  Well, granted the film is not exactly a Christian film or even family friendly or in my opinion even that great, but it was hugely successful and was made for basically NO MONEY.  Those facts alone make it worth studying.  I have started blogging again on a semi regular basis [I guess] and have enjoyed sharing my thoughts, frustrations and irritations with who ever reads this but, now I am going to ask something of you guys.  This film is important to you or, in our paralyzing busy world you would not be making time to read this and or care.  So, unless the only ones reading this our family, I want to get you guys involved.  Actively involved.  I want to engage you creatively.  I want to hear how this issue effects or has effected your life.  How it has changed you.  I know it has changed me as witnessed by the fact that it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about one more child being abused.

We are figuring out a way to make our website even more interactive and cool.  Stay tuned. Please feel free to interact with us on




Today is Wednesday…we had an all day staff retreat on Monday.  I am not a big fan of these retreats…getting all touchy feely is not my thing…that being said, Stephen (One of the Composers for the movie … spoke and we got some cool video and photos of his amazing scar!!


Now that is right up my alley!!  Great way to end the day.  Also I will share some of our speaker’s thoughts as they struck me enough to write them down.  This one is pretty cool: Our speaker, Lance Witt recounted this…I think he said it was something someone shared with him or that he read, either way:  “I have learned to ignore both; the standing ovation and the harsh criticism.  Only the conductor knows if I played my part well.”   And he later posed this question…again, I think someone had posed it to him:  What kind of old man do I want to be?  That and – What kind of a legacy will I leave behind?  Those two sentiments left me wondering…pondering the man that I am, the stepfather that I am, the husband that I am…wow, now that is heavy!

I hope that with all of us banded together that this film can be our legacy.  That we can move and touch and ignite a fire under people who are just waiting for the “war cry” as Rich from Sony put it.  I want this to be that cry.  A cry for all those who have been silenced by the evil that men do.  I will do my best to do my part.

Got a call from Chris this morning.  Rare in that he usually talks to Brent.  I was thrilled to hear from him.  He really likes the script and is as eager as I am to get on with making this film.  The last one we need to hear from is Mark.  That is supposed to happen today.  If it does we will start casting immediately and send the script back to Sony straightaway.  More things to pray about for sure.

By the way, anyone reading this who is not on our prayer list please send us an email ( and we will make sure to get your info.
Also, one last thing.  One of the guys in our church – Nathan, stopped me after the service this weekend and told me to check out a site: – and to check out a film – The Butterfly Circus.  Very cool site [particularly if you are a film maker] and super well done short film [for anyone who likes good stories that are really well made] Check it out.
Be well and as always, thanks for reading.


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