We finished the script!

Let’s see…so we finally LOCKED the script!  Yahoo!!!!  After going back and forth and getting some great notes from Chris, Denise, Mark and Brent, the script is finished…at least enough so everyone is happy/comfortable sending it out.  So, now it goes back to Sony and to Bev for casting and to Alan and Steven for a full breakdown and schedule.  I have just started breaking down the script from a director’s perspective.  I will go through it scene by scene in Final Draft [writing software] and make lens choice, shot, blocking notes for Abe.   It will be a lot of me processing the story and the aesthetic I have had in my head for the last year while writing the script.  Now, it all needs to come out.
Here is a screen shot of what that looks like:

Screen shot of script note

Then we will meet, many times and nail down a “look” and texture/feel for the film.  Abe is still testing platforms [RED, SI-2K, etc, etc] and looks.  I will join him in that process now that the writing is finished.  I still want to go with Cooke lenses but beyond that, everything is open for discussion…and there will be a ton of those coming up.

The human trafficking conference is this weekend.  Brent and Jessica are going.  A God thing that it is in our neck of the woods.

Anyway, not too much to report but, I wanted to pass on a quick hello and short update.  More to follow as things heat up. Be well and thanks again for keeping us in your prayers.

Also, our prayer meeting is this coming Monday night.  Check out the website for time and place.

Till next time



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