Director’s Update

Tuesday.  Brent leaves for India today with Steven and Alan.  I set him up with a list of things to try and accomplish [scene’s to use for casting, questions for IJM and for Om staff etc].  We had a great meeting last Friday with Brent, Abe, Steven, Alan and Joth.  Spent about 4 hours going over details and discussing the game plan.  Seems there is a bit of a budget issue that Brent is sorting through right now.  I don’t envy him.  I am thrilled to be thinking about directing the film now.  The script is locked, the schedule is being sorted out.  I expressed to Joth and the rest of the guys That I wanted to shoot in continuity once we land in India.  My reasons are simple and seemed to make sense to everyone.  I want to take the characters on this real journey as it might actually happen.  Day by day.  It is not traditional film making but it is how I think I need to make this film.  They get it.

It is interesting to finally be running…we are finally a fully functioning train moving forward.  We are getting into details of the shoot.  Props, stunts, set dressing, security, location managers, producers here and in India…etc.   The goal now is to keep moving forward an to not lose anyone along the way.

We will be starting to cast this coming week.  Bev is finishing up her last show and is about to dive headlong into our project.  I will be a part of that from the first step to save time.  With the holidays fast approaching we need God to once again smile on us and provide the right actors for the job in a short amount of time.  Glad it is His project.
I sent Brent a link to a young actress that my wife had seen perform at the revolve tour this past weekend in Ontario.  She is quit good and would be worth seeing for the roll of Audrey.  He agreed and will forward the info to Bev to bring her in.  In case he didn’t Bev, here is your heads up:)

I feel really good about Alan and Steven.  They are professional, exceptional at what they do and they are fun guys to hang with.  I look forward to spending more time getting to know them and working along side them.  Same goes for all of our crew so far.  There is not one person we have hired who is not sold out to the project and fully committed to make a great film.  That is super exciting.

Spent some time with Stephen and Shannon Martin last night discussing a short film I wrote based loosely on Stephen’s organ donor experience.  I wanted to get their take on it.  Stephen read it offered some suggestions which I implemented then read it again last night and liked it again.  All good.  Shannon is supposed to read it this evening.  Since it is based more on their situation than their experience walking through it, I will be interested in her thoughts.  I needed more drama than they had going through the ordeal so I heightened everything.  I hope it works!  Right now it is called SELAH – which means to weight or measure something.  Not sure I will have the money to shoot it but it has been a good exercise in writing either way.

We should be getting a comp of the poster art this week or next so that is exciting.
I am really looking forward to casting.  Working with passionate and talented actors is one of the things I love about directing.  Especially on this project where so much is at stake.  The goals are huge.  The ramifications are far reaching.  We just need to give our best and let God drive.  That is the daily mantra.  Keeping my hands lightly on the wheel, knowing I am the child play driving while God is the patient father allowing me to feel like I am actually doing something.  I remain grateful for all that we have been through and have encountered on the journey that is this film.  I look forward to seeing how things play out.

Last Monday night we had an amazing prayer meeting.  Thirty or so people showed up and it was pretty great.  If you missed it, check the web site for the next one.  It is great to hear one voice, in the disguise of thirty passionate, caring people,  being lifted up to God seeking his wisdom and asking for his guidance.  It was neat for sure.  I expect more in the future.

Anyway I think that is it for now.  I am sure Brent will be blogging from India and I hope he pesters Alan and Steven to blog a little from their perspective as well.
So, if you remember and have a moment, please pray for them as they travel, and for us as we stay here and start casting.

Until we next speak.
Be well


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