Hello again fellow travelers on the Not Today film project train. Glad to have you with us. Brent has been in India for the last week. We have this crazy long email chain going back and forth…I have consistently chosen to use a different color to mark my newest thoughts while Brent chooses to stay BLUE. I will let you draw your own conclusions:)

We discuss everything from shooting in continuity, to stage versus real location work, to make-up to second AD’s and camera crew. It is taxing and entertaining but the type of dialogue that is very common between a director and his producer…which I want to take a moment to brag on “my producer” for a minute. Brent has really come into his own on this project. Not sure who if anyone reads this, so I will acquaint you with Brent a bit. He is an amazing talent on stage. We first met when I volunteered to help out at our old church for a Christmas show…which I loved and I heard later he got railed on by the church leadership! Sounds like a church. That particular show was fun, energetic and exciting to watch and even more fun to be a part of the inner workings. That is how we met. Sometime later, I asked Brent if he knew anyone who wrote…I was looking for a writing partner. He said “yes.” I was thrilled. Well the writer he knew turned out to be…well him. So we wrote together. Then we formed a company together. Now I get to watch him teach, learn, lead and follow depending on the situation. My personality is such that I spend most of my time not with people. I wouldn’t say I don’t like them…but, it would be safe to say that sometimes I would rather work with animals. I have been told that at times…I am not very easy to work with. I wouldn’t say that but, I would say that when I work on set, I am very intense and focused. Simply put, Brent allows me to be that type of person, because he is outgoing, personable and so much fun that I don’t have to be any of those things!! He is always looking out for others and taking the higher road when I might prefer to tell someone to take a hike. In fact, he has almost singlehandedly kept this film project on the rails when many others would have said forget it and would have either lead it down the wrong track or let it jump the track all together. We tend to joke that naming our company a scripture verse was probably the worst decision we have ever made…because we actually have to live it when things get nasty!! We have to “walk by faith, NOT BY SIGHT” when I [ especially,] would most times rather go toe to toe and fight it out. Especially if I know we are right…but, Brent will step in and say let’s pray about this and wait and see. He is the calmer of the two of us…and that alone…truth be told, has probably saved this project. Anyway, what was I even saying? Oh yeah, it is great to see him coming into his own as a company owner and producer. He is the one guy I like to argue with because, like family, he can’t tell me to take a hike!

Not sure if any of the above paragraph makes sense and I am way too tired to re read it. So if it doesn’t, sorry. If it does, then…there you go.

Back to the film…we are casting, sending out offers, going over the budget, Brent, Alan and Steven [who I have also grown to love] are in India, like I said, trying to sort out the permits, locations, crew, gear etc…while I am home talking to Cristi about wardrobe, Bev about casting and Abe about lenses and textures. Everyone is busy.

I miss Chris and Denise. I never like it when we don’t connect with them weekly. They are such a huge part of this whole project. Chris texted me today…even that is nice. I can always count on having fun when they are part of the equation.

Wow, this is sort of a mushy blog. Sorry. Just want to make sure that the people who are working so hard to make this film know how much their effort, hard work, skill and attitude is appreciated and valued…Brent, Alan, Steven, Joth, Cristi, Chris and Denise, Stephen Martin, all of our OM friends… and everyone else who continues to pray for God’s blessing on Not Today.

Be well and next time I will include some of that crazy long, multicolored email stream between me here and Brent in India. Just so you can see how sane he is and how completely insane I appear to be!

Until next time.
God Bless


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  1. Hey man, got your info from the breakdowns and it’s always a good thing to see people who are hustling to make things happen for themselves. I wish the best for the project and I look forward to working with people like you who have a sense of what they want. Keep up the good work.

    ~Barnaby Barrilla

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