Casting…Week 2

So, it is now Sunday night at 7:23 only it feels like it is midnight to me. Last week was a very long, but productive week. I was in LA for 2 days of casting last weeks and am going back for 3 days this week. We have a lot going on. I saw a ton of actors for Ezekiel, Audrey and a few for Bhupinder. One guy who came in on Thursday was amazing. He played Bhupinder the way I pictured him as I was writing. He used broken English and self translated [Bev’s words:)] and the character came to life. It was really neat to watch this guy create something so close to my heart. Bhupinder needs to be believable one hundred percent…all of them do, but if we don’t buy this guy as a poor destitute peasant, we are in trouble. I don’t know if this is the guy God wants on the role but he sure made a lasting impression.

Brent was able to come down on Thursday. It was nice to have him in the room. So let’s see, where do we stand so far…we have nine choices for Ezekiel – solid ones. Of the nine, probably five of the guys could play the role and do an amazing job. We have 6 or so choices for Audrey and three or four of them could play the role. And, we have 3 choices for Bhupinder, with one being a stand out for me. Not bad for two weeks of casting.

This week, we move into the other roles…the frat buddies, the prayer warriors and the little girl, Lindsay… a part I wrote for my thirteen year old stepdaughter to play. We will read for all those roles and see how things shake out.

Also, I had a good meeting Saturday with Abe…very productive. He asks good questions…I search for answers. We discussed spiritual journeys and emotion…tone of scenes and shots. I would stand up in Starbucks and try to illustrate what the shot I was thinking for a certain scene would look like… Sometimes he would get it and sometimes not. If he did not understand I would try different ways to illustrate what I was looking for…mostly by using other films for reference. That seems to work well with us. We both like film and have seen a lot of movies and I have a very specific pallet of movies that I am referencing for this film. We spent a lot of time discussing the particulars of a few scenes…like what exactly the camera would see and why would it see it? I am trying to be as specific with him as possible. I need to really continue to pull the script apart, word-by-word and line-by-line to continue mapping out the emotional tracking of the characters as well as Ezekiel’s spiritual journey. The camera will be the visual representation of E’s spiritual journey.

We have another actress interested in reading for a pivotal role and also one actor who dropped out, he was my favorite for the lead role of Ezekiel…but can’t do it, has agreed to meet about writing a song for the film. I am super excited. I won’t say his name yet…but after I meet with him on Friday, I will let you guys know who he is and send you to his web site. He is an amazing talent and a man of God for sure.

Thanks again for all who are reading this and praying for the film. The response during casting from actors who took the time to read the entire script has been pretty amazing. God is blessing the project through good feedback. It is my hope that we continue to build a loyal following and that together we can in fact change the world.


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  1. ScottO

    This is so fantastic! I’m so glad God is working out all the details! Keep the faith brother!

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