Casting and Call Backs…

So far, this week has been pretty productive…and crazy, busy and irritating all at the same time:)

Let’s see, where to begin.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I was sick the holiday weekend and I am still feeling less than stellar as I write this.  That crazy cold…or swine flu:) who knows.  Just snotty and loopy!  Not a good way to exist for sure.  I spent the weekend at a small lake near Solvang called Zaca Lake.  No TV, no cell phone, just lights and a fireplace in the room Shannon and I went for a bike ride, saw a momma black bear and her cub walking down the road on our way to the lake one day.  Pretty neat.  Got some more work done on my shot list document as well…so that was good.  Not amazing because, like I said, I was sick the whole time.

Monday we have a super long but productive production meeting all day – 10:30 till 8 pm at one of the production people’s houses in LA.  A very nice location as it was outside on the deck that comes with the penthouse.  Very nice indeed.  On the way, Brent and I finally got to drive together for a change.  Usually our schedules don’t allow us to, so this was a nice change.  Anyway, what was I saying?  Oh yes, on the way I missed a call from a super talented actor that I wanted to consider for the lead character.   I believe I told you guys about my meeting with him a week or so ago?  I am sure I did.  Anyway, this was the call I was waiting for.  He had taken some time to pray about the role and the feasibility of being able to go to India etc… I had also spent a fair amount of time praying about his involvement and was at peace with whatever his decision might be.  Have you ever met someone with whom you immediately feel at ease with?  This is that guy.  He has such a great spirit about him…another reason I wanted him in the film…anyway he explained that he could not take the role.  Yes, I was bummed, as I explained to him…but ultimately knew that God is casting his film.  After explaining that he was unable to be in the film, he went on to say that he has a brother who, as he said “is cut from the same cloth.”  Of course my ears perked up.  He explained that his brother and him were in a band together (I happened to be listening to their music right then!) He also mentioned that his brother was a talented actor.  He went on to say that he had talked to his brother about the film and the role and his brother was interested.  I agreed to check him out and again, we agreed to see what God might have in mind.  I googled his brother when we got to our meeting.  Good actor, turns out he had done a film with a director friend of mine.  I like him.  Same look as his brother…Soft and sincere… sharing many of the same characteristics I first admired in his brother.   So, cut to this morning.  He sends us his audition tape, which I love and so it turns out we are going to fly him in for tomorrow’s chem reads!   Cool.  Again, it is so exciting to see what God will make out of what seems like chaos.

So, back to Monday.  The production meeting was with most of the keys.  Joth runs the meeting and we go page by page to make sure everyone has what they need and everyone knows what I am wanting to do or will be expecting on the day.  A good meeting.  Wears me out to the bone.  I am glad Brent is driving.  I also need to take another moment and say it is really cool to watch Brent become a “producer” before my eyes.  I never doubted he was one…but he did.  Now no one can.  He is making this film happen.  The team he has assembled is amazing and certainly God blessed so far.  He has dealt with personalities…mine being the most “unique” is probably a way he might describe it and he has made things happen some purely for the reason that I asked for them and they would make me feel better.  He is doing a brilliant job!

Tuesday is spent all day at Bev’s.  A treat for me to be back dealing with actors and seeing Bev, Jessica and Brett [one of the readers for today].  All fun to hang with.  Brent joined us about an hour after we started.  It is a super productive day, where we easily whittled down the choices to five of each character.  All solid choices for sure.  I just have to stop and say right now I would never be an actor!!  Not for me.  Tuesday was for call backs.  So, most of the people we saw had previously read for us.  Some did even better than they had before and some of my first and second choices are not even in the running anymore.  Acting is a funny game…you have to be on way more than you get to be off.  Everyone that came in was well prepared and extremely pleasant.  So, thanks to all the fine actors who we have seen over the last few weeks.  They all were fun to see, truly a testament to Bev, her company and the way she runs her sessions.

Yesterday…yesterday was spent at work, catching up from all the days out…sick and casting and doing movie stuff.  Like I said, a busy time.  My wife is being super understanding…to which I am most grateful.  She is pretty amazing.  So…

Today is a huge day.  Casting makes the film.  If we cast right, then I am a guide on set.  If we cast wrong, then I can be anything I want on set as it will not really matter!  We will cast right because we will wait on God, we will listen to his prompting and will feel completely comfortable and at peace before we go one more step…God will guide as he has done every step of the way so far.  A true gift.  Please pray that today brings all the actors safely to the stage and that God is there with us.  I know He will be.

Thanks again
Until next time…hopefully we have our leads cast!
Be well.


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One response to “Casting and Call Backs…

  1. An Actor

    Hey, great to hear about your movie. God is definitely with you. I actually read for you for Bhupinder, unfortunately I never got a callback. But it’s fine. I’ve been keeping up with everything you post, and I think it’s AMAZING the story you want to tell. I will watch the movie one it’s complete and complain about how I’m much better than who you cast( I’m just kidding! lol) But really. I would love to have been part of you’re project one way or another. Oh well. God has a plan for all of us, maybe we will work in the future some day.

    People now days have forgot why we make movies… To tell amazing stories, to educate. That’s exactly what you are doing. Brilliant. I will pray for your movie and that everything goes smoothly.

    God Bless.

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