Director’s Update

Wednesday in our weekly meeting…which is why I am writing this now.  I try to pay attention…but sometimes it is hard.  Anyway, I am still in the middle of making my shot list.  The document that is me making the movie before I actually make the movie.  It is what I will use to explain my plan to my director of photography and to my first AD who runs the set and is responsible for managing the shoot days.  Abe and Joth respectively.  They need as much information as I can give them to do their jobs to the highest level possible.

Casting is still an issue.  It was announced that we have John Schneider as the step father, LUKE.  That is cool.  He will be great.  The other cast is not set but needs to be sorted out soon.  We are trying to come to a decision… A mutual decision would be great but, at this point probably not mandatory.  Hopefully, we will all be able to agree and move forward.  We have a few good choices for the lead guy Ezekiel and a solid choice for the lead girl, Audrey.  WE are still looking for the Indian character Bhupinder. He is huge in the story and needs to be an amazing actor.  We thought we had him cast a week or so ago but the actor we all loved pulled out.  Apparently he was of a different faith that precluded him from doing the film.  My only question was how he didn’t know that before he came in!:)  Oh well.  God is still driving for sure. Only He knows the cast for his film.  I am excitedly awaiting Him to reveal it to us as I know he knows so far beyond us who are right for these parts.  Exciting times…and very typically movie making…nothing happens for months then everything HAS to happen in weeks or even days.  It always gets done.

I am also still super excited about the music end of the project.  This guy is pretty amazing and talented and soon I will stop being so cryptic as I really want all of you to go buy his music and support his band.  He loves the project and is probably going to be a major player in the music of Not Today.

Nothing else going on this week.  Next week, we get onto reading Sarah’s and hunting for Bhupinder’s!  Should be fun.  I like seeing Bev and the girls.  They are a lot of fun and really good at what they do…even if I am sure Bev thinks I am nuts on occasion!  I hope Jessica has some more New Moon stories to tell.

I will end with this, Monday night we had the most amazing time of prayer for the film!  Not a ton of people but you could really feel God in the room.  It was really neat to see some familiar faces and some new ones kneeling before God for this project.  It makes me really focused as one of God’s stewards of this film.  That was my last prayer meeting before I leave and it sure was powerful!  Glad both mine and Brent’s wives could be there.  Shannon and Elaine add so much and have put up with so much and tolerate so much as me and Brent give a significant part of our lives and there’s for this project.  They are taxed with taking care of the kids while we are both away, running the daily tasks of living while we write or direct or produce. Not glamorous but they make it so we can do what we do and I know Brent would agree that they are amazing and should be thanked by anyone who runs in to either of them for their sacrifice and commitment to seeing this film get made.  So if you see them, just say thanks!

Anyway that is about it for today.  Gotta get back to work on my shot list!

Be well



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  1. anonymous actor

    I must say that i know in my heart of hearts that all the right people will find there way into this project. i am one of the actors up for more than likely “z”, i wont say who i am because if I’m meant to be in this project i believe God will find a way. i audition a LOT and i usually do my job and forget about what i did in order to not drive myself crazy, but i have followed this one since the moment i auditioned about a month ago. i read everything you all put up and pray for it at least 3 times a week. i was struggling with my beliefs (again) when this audition came up, i read the script and it was like it was sent to me directly from God. i felt it in my heart and was deeply connected to Ezekiel’s struggle. i say all this to say…that this film has a light around it, and i know that IT’LL REACH so many hearts just like mines that needed a little sign. keep pushn!!!

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