Music, Poster and Happy Holidays!

This film is taking a toll on me already.  It has been over a year for Brent and me.  God blessed me with this story in October of last year, if I remember correctly, and now I am sitting in my room…family is downstairs and a few days from Christmas.  I am listening to a demo of a new Jonathan Jackson song, one of five written for the film and working on my shot list document that at the moment is 158 pages.  That is script with notes.  Jonathan wrote these songs and played all five of them for me on Friday.  Wow, is all I can say.  He is such an amazing talent and the songs are incredible.  You guys are in for a treat.  Our hope is to make a concept album companion piece to the film.  All original songs, 5 of them written specifically for the film.  They have informed my shot list…the way I am designing some of the shots.   Very exciting indeed! If you get a chance, check out Jonathan’s band Enation at – you will not be disappointed!

Something happened this past week that makes me wonder if I am completely nuts or if something was misinterpreted that I wrote here a week or so ago.  Most of you probably missed it, as it was pulled and changed quickly.  I think someone read into my words and saw them as negative, when I only meant them as a compliment.  I was also trying to point out the silliness that an actor is forced to deal with…Narrow-sighted directors who pigeonhole people based on looks or one “bad day.”  Sucks, but it is true.  Like I said – and I think this part survived – an actor’s life is rough…and that is a huge understatement.  I was trying to be complimentary and besides, we actually cast this person…only affirming how talented I think they are!!  Anyway, enough on that.  Drama is inevitable but, very draining.

There is also drama in the poster world…a whole other story.  But the poster world may have a good ending as someone else is going to take a stab at the one sheet.  Jamie also brought in a great first pass on the puppet for the film.  This prop plays huge in the movie and needs to be just right!  Jamie has such a great spirit and is so talented…a theme with this project.  God has blessed us with such amazing people to work with.

Anyway, so I am going to keep this blog relatively short…while I continue to pray about what I am writing here and it’s worth…how to continue….If to continue.   But I can tell you all…the music is amazing, the cast is looking excellent and the puppet is cool!  The main things that actually matter are coming together nicely.

Jonathan has such an amazing spirit and is one of the most talented people I have ever been around.  He is the type of person that I got into the business of filmmaking to work alongside of.  He is inspiring to say the least.  Like I told him, he is a gift of God.

Anyway, I will let the others decide when to announce the cast, when I can use full names and tell you people to check out these talented individuals and support them!  That way I won’t get into any more trouble in the perilous world of blogging…Who knew?!

Be well, have a great Christmas and please accept our sincere thanks for being a part of the Not Today family.  Your prayers do not go unfelt or unappreciated.  Best wishes for health and happiness.

PS.  Sorry this is a little disjointed.  So am I right now. It was started days ago and then I jotted things down here and there so it reads probably like I think…odd[ly?].


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