Happy New Year

I’m sitting in Park City, UT and looking out the window of this 7,300 sq. ft. house that some friends of ours were given to use for a week. Our families (8 kids between us) made the long, 10-hour drive from LA on Monday of this week.  The drive was long, but completely worth it when we got here.  It has snowed every day so far, but mixed with the snow falling are moments of brilliant sun and “catch your breath” views from the panoramic windows of this house.   Oh, and did I mention that there is an 8-seat, 120″ HD Blue Ray theater?!  We’ve made good use of that – besides the fact that Blockbuster in LA gave me 9 Blue Ray movies with NO disks in them!  Who knew that XBox could look so amazing – the characters on screen are nearly the same size as the boys playing the games!  

This trip is kind of nostalgic for me.  Last year, we were able to come here as well.  It was at this house that I started writing for Not Today.  Jon and I would email back and forth and discuss direction for characters, specific scene elements, etc.  It was here that Not Today began to take shape for me – where it became a reality.  So, to be back here again and to be weeks away from starting principal photography is pretty amazing.  What a year.

This has been a year that I won’t forget.  I’d like to say that it has been mostly good, but in reality, it has been mostly difficult.  I guess I was a bit “Pollyanna” to think that getting this film made would be a smooth process.  Oh, was I wrong!  I have never had so much frustration, mixed with hope and determination, mixed with discouragement and unmet expectations, mixed with joy and new relationships – and the list goes on and on.  

My son just yelled, “I’m going snow surfing after waffles!”  Ah, to be a kid again!  

There is a little cottontail rabbit outside of the window as I write this.  I think it is trying to find something to eat under a foot or more of snow.  Life is a challenge for each of us, I guess.  No one gets a free pass on the difficult stuff.  I can’t imagine making this movie without God’s hand on it.  Truly, that has been the only thing that has kept Jon and me focused on what we set out to accomplish.  We know that this film really isn’t our film.  It was given to us and we are only stewards of it – placed here at this time by God.  For some reason (unknown to us for sure) he entrusted Not Today to us.  He wants to tell this story – to let the world know about His children that are being abused and exploited.  That is extremely humbling and sobering to me.

So, in spite of obstacles and set backs, we move forward.  Right now, we’re dealing with the Indian government.  Evidently, we have quite a challenge in front of us to get this film made.  Ever since Slumdog Millionaire, they are very cautious and overly protective of what is filmed in their country.  So, we are being delayed and our permit is still pending.  We could use your help to pray for this process – it will be God that makes this come together.  And it will – in His time.  

So, as I sit here I still have many of the same questions as a year ago.  Some of them have been answered – we have a great crew and an amazing cast (who we hope to tell you all about in the next week or so)!  Those are huge answers to prayer.  God is with us – it’s just that He moves in His timing and in His way.  We trust in that completely.  We keep moving forward with determination – like the rabbit in his ongoing quest for food – In the times of confusion and struggle – that is the ONLY thing that keeps us focused and determined to finish what God led us to begin.

Thanks for journeying with us.

Happy New Year – here’s to an unforgettable and life-changing 2010!



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