2010 Director’s Update

Happy New Year!  The last few weeks have been extremely interesting…we plan, only to have those plans fall apart…then have God reveal why they may have fallen apart.   Faith 101.  Relax and let God lead…easier said than done for sure but we are learning!

So here it is January 3rd…and I am in my office at church instead of on my 5th or 6th day in India.  We are waiting on our permit approval from the Indian government.  India is on their own time schedule…who knew they would take an entire month off…which would end up delaying our shoot?   Oh well.

The cast is in place…at least all of the American cast.  There is an official announcement coming soon.  I am guessing that we will announce the cast this coming weekend when Brent and Matthew share about the film in our weekend services. (Don’t worry we will announce it to our faithful online supporters too!)  It is a great cast for sure.  They all seem incredibly excited to be involved…I will try to use this extra time to give them “homework.”  I had originally wanted a week of rehearsal, but we don’t have money for that in the budget…maybe one more way God is providing?

I got a poster mock up from Jamie that is staggering in its beauty and coolness.  I will see it in person [I have only seen photos] this afternoon.  It is colorful and captures the theme of the film… in a really cool style.

Also, Jonathan finished recording demos for all the songs over the holiday break!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about these songs and his involvement in the project.  He will send me the song files tomorrow.   Here are the working titles of the songs – some written specifically for the film:

1. Son Of Cain (Ezekiel’s Cry)
2. Kavya’s Eyes (The Streets Of Hyderabad)
3. I’m In Awe
4. Breathe On Me
5. Not Today
6. The Salvation Of One
7. The Solution (A Prayer For The Dalits)
8. Eyes Of Grace
9. Let The Beauty Out

These songs were written before I had a chance to meet with Jonathan!  I am in awe by how perfectly these songs track the spiritual journey of Ezekiel, our lead character.  They will provide a depth of emotion that is not written.  When Jonathan first played them for me in his front room a few weeks back, the hair on my neck stood up and my eyes filled with tears.  I hope you have the same experience when you hear them.

So, tomorrow night we get back to work…starting with a tech scout of the three Orange County locations:  Ezekiel’s dad’s house, Ezekiel’s mom’s house and Audrey’s house [Ezekiel’s girlfriend].  Abe will be there and some of his team that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.  We will walk through and discuss shots, lenses, colors and lighting.  Jamie will be there to discuss the wall map (one of the main images in the film).  Exciting stuff!

I wish you all a great new year and again want to say thanks for following us…for praying for us…for partnering with us to make this film.  Your support is felt everyday.



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