Director’s Update


Just hung up the phone with Shari, the amazing woman who will be playing Sarah in the film.  She is smart and has a warm spirit and presence that will be great for the film on a multitude of levels.  Her being involved is a gift, one of many from our wonderful casting director Bev.  Shari and Bev are friends.  Originally, Bev had her come in to read for one of the prayer warriors.  But when I met Shari, I realized she was perfect as Sarah.  I remember she read for a prayer warrior and I could not stop watching her.  I wanted her to do more, so I hesitantly asked Bev if we could ask her to come back in and read for Sarah.  My hesitancy came from thinking we were throwing her in unprepared…as we had not set her up to read for that role.  But Bev, being wonderful and probably seeing in my eyes that I really liked this actress, asked Shari.  She came back in a few minutes later and made me cry.  She was so tender and sincere.  I found it hard to take my eyes off of her….which, for me as a director is super important.  Can I watch this person on a huge screen for any amount of time…is I question I ask myself when I see an actor.  The answer, of course, was emphatically YES!!  I was sold…I called Brent, who I think was in Florida with his daughter at her cheer competition and told him I could cast the Sarah character that day!!  He was surprised to say the least.  He wanted to meet her, so we set up another meet and greet.  I did not have to see her act again.  She was amazing and perfect for the role and I knew that without a doubt.  Brent asked to see her read and it just so happened that Chris and Denise were in town and able to swing by.  They watched in awe…with tears in their eyes, as Shari played out the two scenes.  Done deal.  Shari so connects to this material and is such a great talent that she does not act it…she lives it.  Everyone agreed that she was amazing, so we called her and offered her the role.  She cried on the phone and was so excited…Perfect!  So back to today, I wanted to talk to her about expanding one of her scenes or writing her a new scene.  She is all for it and we will meet some time this week or next to work on it.  I really can’t wait for you guys to meet her.  She is cool.

I also just got a note from Chris that the India people are supposed to hear something back tonight.  God willing we will be able to sort out our schedule and continue moving forward.  Pray for good news.  God is leading…it is all perspective right?  “Good news” is relative to your mindset when you hear it…or at least it should be.  Trust and Pray.  God is leading the way.  Hey that rhymes.    Cool.

Anyway back to work on my shot list.

Oh yeah, we had a cool tech scout last night with Abe, Joth, Alan, Steven, Eddie and Todd and Jamie was there to see the map wall and show Abe the puppet.  She is super cool.  I will have more stories about her later.  She is designing the poster and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  Anyway, great to see everyone and have them see the three orange county locations.  They are all amazing and all donated by people in our congregation or friends of people.  Janet Chandler is another one of those unsung warriors working behind the scenes for the film.  She set up the scout and met us at each house to assist in any way she could.

So we started in Corona Del Mar at an amazing house over looking the bay, then moved to Anaheim Hills to “Audrey’s house” and then to Yorba Linda for Sarah’s house.  A great night of talking shots, lighting, etc. Abe set up stuff with his guys, let them start working out issues and finding solutions.  I get the sense from Abe, that sometimes I am asking him for things that we can’t afford but…he never says that, I can see his mind turning and his spirit is so great,  that he tries to sort out HOW to make it happen within the budget we have.  He is a problem solver through and through.  He never says to me he can’t do something.  He throws out alternatives and is always thinking about how to maximize.  Again, God has blessed us with some amazing talented folks.  We are lucky.  I realize that and am thankful every day.

Also, just heard from Jonathan and he is emailing me a link to the new song demos shortly!!!!!!!!!!!  YEEHAW!  I love this guy and his songs will blow you guys away.  No kidding, they are a standalone entity that will raise the film to another level.  Good music is a must.  Think about the films you like…a lot of them probably are driven by either a great score or an amazing soundtrack.  God has so blessed us with such talent…that we will undoubtedly have both!!

Hey the date is 1.5.10 – kind of cool.

Had a conference call with Chris and Denise…always good to talk to them.  We will hopefully find out some news from the India government late this evening or early tomorrow morning.  News we need.    All is well with them.  Brent stuck around after the call and I played him some of Jonathan’s songs.  They are super powerful for sure.  He liked them a lot.

1.6.10 Wednesday

Bike ride at “way too early, cold and dark” AM this morning!  But, good for the body.  Then to breakfast meeting with Brent, Dave and Stephen…a good group.  Still no word from Chris regarding our India permit deal.  So we keep waiting.  And keep praying.

More shot list work today.  I will lay in the music from Jonathan for placement and try to get that document finished.  It is closing in on 200 pages.  That is with the 114 script pages…so not too bad…the more info the better for myself and the guys…to be continued.


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