Human Trafficking Awareness Day


So, here we are two weeks past when I was supposed to be in India preparing to shoot….we were supposed to start shooting tomorrow….we are not.  Clearly…I am still here in the OC.  So are Brent, Abe, Joth, Alan, Steven etc…  We just got word from our source in India that the government has finished their evaluation of our script and intends to reject it.  Now, the process actually begins.  How much do they object to?  How many changes will it require to satisfy a government who has no intention of letting us make a film that they perceive to be bad for them.  Of course on this philosophical difference we disagree.  The Caste system is bad news.  Being “untouchable” is bad news.  I’ve seen it first had and it is bad.  Through and through, Brent said his prayer is that God would blind the eyes of the government…today, God chose another route that He has yet to identify to any of us.  So, once again we do our daily work…try to problem solve, find solutions, work with actors, rehearse, get the musicians together, have the artist painting and the designers designing, have the money people manage the money…but most of all we wait…and we pray.

We should find out their specific objections in a week or two…then we will know exactly what we are dealing with.  Like Brent always says, none of this is a surprise to God.  So…we work hard, stay focused, pray and plan as best we can.  As far as the cast goes…we promised that we let you guys know whom we ended up going with…and we will, once we have them locked in.  This delay has caused a trickle down effect…most of our cast needs to be here and available for “pilot season” which is typically February and March.  When we chose our cast, that was not an issue, but with this delay it may become an issue.  So, until we are sure of who is in…we will refrain from giving you that information…we are saving you from the pain we feel as we think about the possibility of losing one or more of these talented actors…even with knowing full well that this is not a surprise to God, it is still a trying time…so we are saving you guys from that feeling.  You’re welcome.:)  That is what good stewards/parents do…right?

So, for now this is the update….Delayed because of permit issues….No new date for shooting has been set. Thanks again for your prayers.  This is a film worth making or it wouldn’t be so hard to get it made…and make no mistake we WILL get this film made and it will be a tool for God to use to being attention to a cause that has long taken solace that it is not on the national stage.  This issue thrives in the darkness.  Our intent, the reason we wrote this film, was to drag this issue out into the light using an international stage…to strip away the darkness and the vagueness and give this cause, this issue, this atrocity a face and a name.  Kavya is her name, you will all see her face very soon and you will, God willing, be moved to act, not simply to watch and say “oh how unfortunate for them.”  This is all of us.  If we sit back and let this happen, we are all responsible for the Kavya’s of the world.  Like Ezekiel learns, this is everyone’s problem.

Today is Human trafficking awareness day.  Since you are following this film, I am assuming you are somewhat aware of this issue.  The question that remains, is what are you prepared to do about it?  We wrote a movie and will fight against whatever needs to be fought against in order to get it made…and by the grace of God… people will see it and lives will be changed.  What will your contribution be?  How will you let your voice be heard?  There is no right answer.  Only by doing nothing…do we collectively fail.  So let’s do whatever we can…each of us…and make a difference in our world Today.

God is driving.  He is also writing and demanding and engaging and insisting that we, his children change our world for the better.  So let’s do just that.  Jonathan said it perfectly in the song he wrote called “The Solution” that we will use for the end credits sequence.  He wrote, “what if God is on his knees, begging you and me…won’t you be the solution?”  I will leave you with that question to ponder.

Be well and thanks for praying and reading and partnering with us as we take this journey.


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