Please Pray

I wanted to give a brief update on what has developed last weekend. Dr. Joseph D’souza was speaking at Friends Church last weekend. Joseph is the leader of OM India – our partner ministry in India and an outspoken advocate of the Dalit people. Through Joseph and OM, our church has committed to build 200 schools for the Dalit children in the next 10 years. That is the main reason why we are making this movie – to help this cause. So, this weekend we’ve had some extended time to discuss the movie and our current situation/frustration with the delays imposed by the Indian government. We’ve talked about a lot of different strategies and ways that we can take the next step. Joseph cannot imagine this movie being made anywhere else but in India. After church last night, Joseph sent me an email that he has approached Udit Raj – the current leader of the Dalit movement in India – for his help. Udit is the National President of the Indian Justice Party (which he started). Udit immediately responded that he will do whatever he can do to help us. Basically, that means that he is taking this project on personally. In fact, his wife, Seema, works in the office next door to the film office – probably not a coincidence!

I sent Udit the script last night. He is reading it and will be contacting me when he is through reading. He has asked that we STOP communication with the film office, India Take One and anyone else besides him and Sam Paul. They will be leading the charge for this cause and don’t want any confusion with too many people getting involved. In his words, this situation is past the time when a production services company can do anything for us in regards to the permit.

So, please pray that Udit can connect with the right people and make things happen. We are still pushing towards our March 1 target for production and we may or may not hit it, but we have more of a chance than ever before with Udit involved. This is a huge praise and something that I never expected to happen. With Udit involved, this movie is likely to get international press even before it is filmed – just like God to move in ways that we could never dream of our make happen on our own. And, one more amazing way that OM has come to our aid.

And today…

I received this email from our friends at OM India. Please read it and let’s be praying!

Udit Raj and Sam Paul made many phone calls to the various offices in Delhi and also visited in person on Friday, re-submitted the script to the concerned people. The Home Ministry officials said that it would take a minimum of two additional weeks to process the script for permission for filming. Udit and Sam told them that this was not acceptable and that they would begin making additional phone calls asking for a faster response time starting Monday.

They then reported back the same information to me and to Joseph and will begin their phone campaign on Monday. Udit does have significant contacts and may be able to use his power to hasten this 2 week time line. Sam Paul has an additional appointment with a higher official on Monday morning in this regard and hopes for a positive result. Please mobilize more prayer and we will see what God does.

Thank you and I will keep you updated!



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