Director’s Update

Wednesday…good old Wednesday. The middle of the week. Hummm…got my weekly reminder from Jessica about writing this blog. By the way did everyone know she is going to India with us? I for one, am super excited about that. She will be incredibly valuable when it comes to social media [is that with this stuff is called?] She makes things happen and I love that. She has a great energy that I like and it is contagious. When on set, I try to surround myself with creative, exciting, dynamic and interesting people that help to feed my actors. It really matters. I want to set up an environment on set that is safe for the actors to explore and experiment and it definitely helps if the crew understands this as they can help to facilitate that end game.

Okay, so on with the blog. We are still in a holding pattern as far as the permit to shoot in India goes. We seem to be getting closer to having a resolution one-way or the other. For a while, we were thinking we might not be able to shoot in India. Big problem! We briefly considered Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Clearly, each place presented it’s own issues…mainly, they are NOT INDIA!! The script was written for India and our passion, as a church is India.

Side note: At this point, I can now clearly imagine that God was sitting back watching us scramble around frantically trying to make something happen and smiling.

Anyway, we all realize that India is the preferred location…so, we mobilized Dr. D’souza and now his people are walking through the permit issues with us. We shall see. It all comes back to knowing that this is God’s project and God is driving. He will make a way in his time and as he alone sees fit. A good lesson to learn…not always an easy lesson, but one I am getting comfortable with. How silly is that. I am finally getting comfortable with stepping back and letting the creator of the universe drive. Silly me…

I get super excited when I think about shooting this film. The actors are all very excited and eager to get dates so they can focus completely on the film. We have a super nice pastor friend of Bali’s that is translating the script for our Bhupinder character. Talk about a God thing!! He is fluent in Telegu, the language we chose to have Kavya and her father Bhupinder speaking the film. What are the chances of our prayer coordinator having a friend who speaks that language? Not big for sure…anyway, he sent me a sample, which I included here for you guys to see. He will continue through the entire script and also do an audio recording, so our actor can hear the words.


(in Telegu)
Rat Eater! Gotcha! I knew it was you!
Elakalu thine dana, dorikave, naaku telusu nuvvu ikkada unnavany


Kavya yells.

(in Telegu)
Daddy!! Daddy, help!
Naana, naana, kaapadu

(in Telegu)
You and your “rat eater” father need to…
Nuvvu, nee elakalu thine naana…

(in Telegu)
Daddy! Help me, daddy!!
Naana, kaapadu, naana


(in Telegu)
This is where your kind belong!
Mee lanti vaalu ikkade padi vundali

So our actor, Walid will need to memorize this and then work with a translator who will be on set everyday. I can’t wait to see Walid bring Bhupinder to life! I also emailed Shari, the wonderful actress playing the mother – “Sarah” – in the story and she is excited to dive in as well. But, until God clears the permit pathway, we will continue to pray for each other and petition God collectively and individually on behalf of the film.

I met with Don Harper on Monday with Brent and Stephen Martin to discuss Jonathan’s songs. I was thrilled to hear he loves them as much as I do!!! The music for this film is going to be smoking for sure! We discussed placement of the songs in the film, how I see them fitting in with the narrative as well as how the transitions should work. Don brings many years of experience and a wealth of talent to the table. We are seriously lucky to have him shepherding our music. He sent me an email the other day saying that he had spoken with Jonathan and they are moving down the road! I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. That and the poster Jamie finished are so incredible…I can’t wait for you guys to see the poster and hear some of the songs. Maybe we will have a film music preview night after we shoot. That could be cool.

I am almost finished with my shot list. The only thing left to work on now is song placement. Better get back to work on that. Thanks again for all who take the time to read this and especially to all who take a moment to lift us up in your prayers. God is listening and has already spilled out His blessing on this project. I can’t wait to see how he uses the cast and crew to execute his vision for this project!!! Very exciting indeed.

God Bless


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