Director’s Update

2.9.10  Tuesday…

Just returned from a pretty cool meeting in LA with Abe, Allan and Steven. We met at Kodak to look at film tests.  2 perf versus 3 perf.  We are interested in the possibility of shooting film instead of digital.  Abe and I are film guys for sure.  The history of film…all of the directors I have studied and follow…all shot their first films on film.  I know it might be a silly thing, but that matters to me.  It is called filmmaking!  Not digital making.  So anyway, all that aside, we met with the Kodak people and

Abe, Allan and Steven will now go back to the camera people…as apparently there are only 17 2 perf camera bodies in all of LA!  That is nuts when you look at how many productions are shooting every day in town.  Anyway, what we have to do is interview with Panavision, sell them on the project and then they will tell us if they will give us the bodies we want.  So, Steven is now collecting all of our resume’s, getting storyboards and poster comps to make a nice packet for Panavision.  I have no idea all the ins and outs that go into this…that is why we have Steven, Alan and Abe all over it.

I guess we can also check to see if there are any camera bodies in Europe or India.  The reason for shooting 2 perf is that the film stock is half as much as it would cost for normal 4 perf 35mm film.  A lot of the spaghetti westerns shot on this format to save money as did American Graffiti!  Kind of cool to think that we are shooting the same format as some amazing, memorable films that I love!  Great idea Abe!

We had a pretty cool prayer meeting last night.  Aaron and Nikki sang, which was a treat.  Thanks guys!! Brent and I both shared about the permit process and how it affects everything.  Brent talked about not wanting to run ahead of or behind God…but with Him.  We are really seeking His face and growing because of that.   We can already see God in these delays.  The film over digital decision would never have been considered…in fact, my calendar alert chimed in a few minutes ago reminding me that tomorrow was originally going to be our first day of shooting here in Orange County.  I mentioned to Travis, that we might miss that….by a few months!

Brent also sent Dr. D’souza another email asking about the status of the permit. This email let him know that we are at risk of losing our actors and/or crew if we keep pushing.  We really like our cast and crew and would not be eager to loose any of them.  God willing that will not happen.

Anyway, I think that is about it for now.  Thanks again for reading…feel free to ask questions if you have any.  It is great to know you guys are out there, reading and praying.  It is a great comfort to Brent and I.  Also, we have paired up every crew member with a prayer partner.  How cool is that!?  It is so great to know that someone is petitioning God on my behalf for this project…that someone is praying for my family while I will be away.  The power of prayer cannot be underestimated for sure.   God has guided this project from day one and our intention is to continue staying out of His way!

Be well



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