Director’s Update


Wednesday 11:13 in our morning meeting…discussing the last weekend.  All is well in the world of church services as far as our worship arts department goes. I just got back from Brent’s birthday lunch at Taco Bell!  Whoo Hoo!  Good times all around.  Our entire department piled into a few cars and made the trek to the local fast food hang out…Brent’s favorite.  Anyway, I just returned and am now back at work for the rest of the day…but before I dive into it, I wanted to take a moment to get you guys up to speed on all things Not Today.

So, here goes:

We are still actively researching and discussing the option of shooting two perf 35 mm film for the entire shoot.  I am there in my mind.  It has to be film.  I can’t see it any other way now that the film option has been put on the table. There are many reasons film suits us and this project really well…look, texture, feel, comfort level for Abe, my sensibilities and the tone we are trying to set. Digital is great but film is…well FILM!  It is every movie I grew up watching, it is every movie that made me feel and engage at the drive in as a child with my parents!  It is film for heavens sake!!  It was FILM that gave me nightmares for three years after seeing Jaws.  So much so that I was even afraid to take a shower!!  We used to go water skiing as a family every year at Bass Lake in northern California, until I saw Jaws.  I refused to get out of the boat.  I knew fresh water, salt water etc…but did not care.  As Quint says in the FILM, “You go in the water?  Sharks in the water?  Our shark. [singing]  Farwell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies, farewell and adieu you ladies of Spain!!”  [I had to look that up actually…didn’t want to misquote Robert Shaw].  I knew if I got out of that boat I would surely be eaten by a shark…I also knew that if I didn’t wash my face super quickly while in the shower that the same fate could befall me in our bathroom!  Needless to say my parents were not thrilled with my new change of heart about going swimming.  That lasted for about three summers until one day on the lake my father took me out in the boat, threw me out of the boat and said either ski or swim back to shore.  To which I replied as loud as I could, “Give me the ski rope and get me out of the water, NOW!!!”

All of that emotion came from watching a FILM…at a drive in theater, in my Pajamas, in the back of a station wagon with mom and dad in the front seat…my sisters and bother curled up in the back as well.  To my knowledge none of my siblings felt the way I did.  None of them stopped swimming!  This movie impacted my life…to this day, I still will not swim in the ocean…that is what I am talking about.  That is the power of FILM!!  That is in my blood.  I could spend an week telling stories like that about Star Wars, Rocky, Rollerball, etc…all shot on glorious film!  So to me…this is a film shoot.  I hope Brent and Steven can make the numbers work!:)  Within that discussion I just stumbled upon an Aaton 2 perf camera called “Penelope.”  What a cool name for a camera, first off. Secondly, we should take a look at it…so I emailed Steven and Abe and got responses from both of them basically saying the same thing…cool camera, new, too expensive!  Steven and Abe both have relationships with Panavision and they have a good feeling that we can get two cameras from them.  Cool!

Also, over the last week I emailed back and forth with Jonathan Jackson a bit about more music for the film.  He continues to be a great supporter of the project and was heading home [one of those states above us here in CA] this week or last – I forget now – and that he would try to find me the songs he mentioned.  I asked him for video of him singing “The Solution” as I am interested in shooting a music video to inter-cut with he last sequence of the film where that song will be used.  Hopefully he will be able to find something for me.  Speaking of music, before I met Jonathan I actually had a different song in mind for the last sequence of the actual film – not the coda – called HOLY NOW by a super cool artist from Minnesota I think.  His name is Peter Mayer, look him up and buy some of his music…he is a cool guy with a ton of talent.  Anyway, I emailed him a while ago about the possibility of using that song in the film…either his version or having Jonathan re-record it. He just got back to me and said “yes!”  That is huge.  He apparently checked out the website and liked the project and decided it would be fine for us to use that song if we wanted to! Another gift from God!  Check him out.


Well, what can I say about this!?  Is there anything left to say?  Well, the short of it is that we still don’t have one.  We are converging from multiple directions and are praying for a resolution soon!  God willing.  Brent and I discuss this almost daily and always come to the same conclusion.  If God wants us to shoot in India he will make it happen.  Brent feels a bit more patient that I at the moment.  I am not good at waiting around for things to come to me. I am much more adept at forcing the issue and making things happen.  I am learning.  God’s timing is perfect.  Aaron sang a song this weekend in church that spoke to this and really drove home in me the need to relax a bit and see what amazing things God will do next.  The song is called “Your Love Never Fails” and the section I really grabbed on to says this : “YOU make all things work together for my good.”  How amazing is that line?  With that running through my otherwise hard head, I have found it easier to chill and continue doing my work and continue getting ready to shoot trusting that when we go, it is because God deems it time…not me or anyone else.  It truly is a great song and Aaron slammed it home.  See, if you missed, next time come to church!  You never know what is going to come about.

The delay:

Spoke to above.  Yes it is irritating for sure…every day!  I want to be shooting. The thought of losing our actors or any of our crew bums me out. Again, defer to God.  That is what I keep telling myself.  He makes all things work together for good! As a side note, I made a list of bullet points to cover in my blog…See, what happens is that Jessica sends me a very kind note that reminds me to blog.  If I don’t do it right when I get the email, I will get busy and forget. So, I jot down some bullet points of things I want to talk about. This time I just chose not to delete the bullet points.  Clearly they are in no particular order…that is how my brain works!

Sri Lanka:

This is our second choice for a location.  Neat looking place that can double as India for sure…as it is right next door and I am told that half the population is Indian.  The weather is fine and the permit process is nothing like what we are experiencing in India.  All good things….but it is not India.  It is not where the Dalit’s live and are abused and beaten down daily.  India is where we set Not Today.  That is where we, as a church, are plugged in and doing our work.  That is where we want to shoot.  I am sure Sri Lanka is a nice country and all, I just don’t want to shoot there. Not this project anyway!   Unless God closes the door to India and directs us to Sri Lanka…then we will simply regroup and head off down that road.

Weather in India:

It is only getting hotter!!  Low 90’s this week in Hyderabad.  Not crazy hot…yet! Crazy hot is coming though.  He makes all things work together for my good!  If I could draw a thought bubble [like in a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon – my favorite cartoon of all time by the way] over my head right now that is what you would see most of the time!:)

Editor meeting:

Yesterday, Brent and I took a road trip to Burbank to meet a prospective editor.  I used to live right above Burbank and so it was fun to go back. We met at a sandwich place on Magnolia.  It was a good meeting.  We left both saying that we would all pray about it.  God has brought every person bar none to this film project so far.  We expressed that we felt like God would let him and us know if he was the guy.   It took forever to get home.  Too much traffic!

The poster should be finished this week or next…hopefully this week. Jamie is contacting a graphic artist to finish the credit block so we can get some printed up!!  Now, that is exciting stuff.  Anyone who reads this knows I am an avid film poster collector and would love to have a one sheet for our project hanging on my wall…plus the image is so cool.

I think that is all for now.  Hope this is not too rambling or off topic or boring.  I think the boring sentiment is my biggest concern!  I will try to make this a worthwhile read every week or so if you guys promise to keep reading!

Be well and as always thanks for reading and praying for Not Today.



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