Director’s Update


Lindsey’s birthday!!!!  She is 14.  My wife, Shannon picked her up from school and took her to get a new phone she has been wanting for a while now.  She loves it and is very cute.  They stopped by to show me, let me give her a hug and say happy birthday!  A treat for sure.  Shannon looked cute as always!!!

Just finished a crazy meeting with Brent and Steven.  We talked a lot about locations…some that I have yet to see I might add!  You see their job is to allow me the resources to do my job and when money and creativity collide…things can get a little heated.  Nothing crazy but still.  I have been fighting for a year now to shoot the movie in sequential order for a ton of reasons…Steven sets the schedule by cost.  Period.  So we discuss, back and forth, each presenting our arguments.  Though I must say his are always the same!  Money!  Mine are too I guess…I can’t shoot the entire movie in a soundstage in Hyderabad!!!!  Okay, they are not that bad but they are asking me to compromise more than I creatively want to…so I pushed back and we settled on a happy medium…I think. I just wanted more days outside on real locations in other cities.  That costs money.  I argue that we should not be shooting film if we are going to be restricted in what we can see…I throw out names like John Ford [known for shooting huge vistas]…like that is what I “might” want.  Steven gets it…he always does.  Brent is a champion for the creative process, as well as the voice of reason.  Overall, we have a great team all working toward the same goal. I know at the end of the day, they want me to be able to make the film I wrote and the film I want to shoot. I trust them to give and they trust me to give…when I can.

The permit deal is the headache right now!!!  We have someone meeting with the permit office tomorrow.  We shall see.

Wednesday 2.24.10

Every day from this day forth shall be referred to as the day AFTER Lindsey’s 14th birthday.  Just kidding.  Anyway, bike ride this morning goes completely astray when I get a flat…realize I have no spare tubes except one that Dan gave me a while back that is twice as wide as my tire.  Dave suggests it will fit, so I give it a try and of course it does not fit.  We both realize this after wasting two CO2 canisters of air and having one blow out the back of the device that holds the tube…all over my hand.  Only then, does Dave check his pack and see that he does have a spare tube after all. So, I sort that one out and hand pump up the tube….by then, our window to ride is all but up…so we just do a few short climbs, then head home.  Not a great morning but oh well…a ride is a ride.

To work.  See Brent and find out there are still complications with the Indian government and the permit.  I am almost ready to re-write the script to shoot in Oregon or Texas at this point! 😦  I sure am glad God is driving this ship.  Since none of us seem to have any idea how to sort this India permit thing out. Good thing my confidence in God only continues to grow with each passing irritation, rejection and or lack of a response.  So to make a super long story short, we have no idea when we will be getting a permit, if we will be getting a permit or where we will be shooting at this point.  No one panic though.   We will be making a location decision very soon and then we will let you guys all know!  Deal?  So don’t freak or think we are making a decision to shoot in Oregon…which by the way would probably thrill Steven to no end!! But, the poster is coming along and the music/songs are incredible and everyone seems to still like the script.  All good things.
What else…my wife is going to a taping of the Dr. Phil show today with some of our friends who worked with him [I think?] way back when.   She is excited and looked great when she left the house this morning.  I hope they have fun.  Thanks Ron and Tina!!

I am sorting out how I want the subtitles to look.  I have an idea that, if we can pull it off, will make them very unique.  It is along the lines of the opening titles idea…only a lot more subtle.  Could be cool…if we can afford it.

Here are two articles about Kodak retiring [if that is the right word for it] their Kodachrome film stock – herehere

I love this film stock…or at least the texture, feel and look of it.  I would love to shoot this and asked Steven and Abe to check into it.  Steven emailed back saying that with only one lab doing the special processing this film stock takes…read the article it is pretty cool…apparently the film stock is black and white and the color is added in the processing!  Neat stuff.  Anyway, would be cool to shoot but with a retired film stock and a special processing that only one lab in the states does, it would not be something that we can afford.  So I asked him and Abe to find the closest relative to that film stock and that idea. The texture and feel, like I said would be amazing for this film!  It would really suit what we are doing…the story and the ideal behind the story…the way we are telling the story.

Anyway, the saga continues.  But God is still controlling the outcome so we are covered! 🙂

Be well and thanks, as always for reading and praying for the project.


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