Director’s Update

2.24.10 Wednesday at 8:30pm

Just got great news from Brent, while out looking at a location where our friend, the bear (Nate Sousa) is getting married!! I agreed to shoot his wedding for him and needed to see the location…anyway Brent rang and said he got a very positive email from our guy in India. The email said he was working with the partner of a very famous actor in India and that he thought shooting the film in India would not be a problem!! This goes well with a conversation that Matthew had with Dr. D’souza regarding the same matter. He told Matthew that Udit Raj was meeting with the film commission people this week, and no one in the higher up ministries has a problem with our script! They see no reason why we should not be able to shoot the film in India. All great news and truly an answer to prayer…as Steven told us that if we had to move the location to Sri Lanka, we would not be able to afford to shoot the movie on film. Film is the only option now in my mind so that doesn’t work for me at all. So all in all, a great day as far as movement toward a resolution goes. Thank you Lord.

2.26.10 Friday morning 11:30am

Well, it has been a crazy 20 hours or so. I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday with the worst pain I have even felt!! I tried to endure it, but I felt like I actually might be dying…so I woke up Shannon and she immediately guessed it was a Kidney issue. She is so smart but that is another story….anyway that began a very long and painful 8 hours that entailed two trips to the emergency room via ambulance, some serious pain a couple of iv’s and multiple prescriptions for pain meds! Turns out a 4mm kidney stone can wreak havoc on ones body. I had always heard about kidney stones being likened to delivering a baby for a man. The one thing Shannon and I were most grateful for during this time, was that I was home here in the OC and not in India!! We had some great friends and family step up and watch the kids…we are so thankful for them! Seems odd, but Jessica tells me this brings us closer together…and you will be more interested in following the filmmaking journey if you connect with me on some level…if that is the case, then I will happily share my medical woes with whoever wants to read about them!

3.1.10 Monday

This past week has seen a lot of movement. No pun intended. Seems our permit is closer than ever thanks to a famous Comedian in India who wants to be involved. As I look back, this wait has only strengthened the project. The wait brought us to shoot on film, brought us to discover new locations that are much more cinematic – thanks Steven – the wait has given me much more time to pull apart every detail of the script and make sure it is where I want it to be. The wait has given Jessica much more time to strengthen our social media platform….see God does make all things work together for good.

So, I watched the Canada versus USA hockey game at Ron and Tina’s house yesterday…Wow! What an amazing game. Ron was sweating after USA tied it up with 24 seconds remaining, but Canada prevailed in the end. Ron and Tina… are two incredibly spectacular people who could use all of us to pray for them. They have some health struggles…a miracle [which we are all fully expecting and praying for, would be pretty cool right about now…so go to their website, check them out, send a note of encouragement… through our site here and we will be sure to pass it on to them. They could use it and would appreciate it for sure.

BTW I am now, thanks to Jessica, trying to twitter [tweet?] whatever the term is on a regular basis. So, if you want to learn some seriously random and useless info about me…what I might be doing…silly photos etc…that is the place!:)

Just got back from the doctors office…seems I have two more stones still in my kidney. Oh joy. The doctor assures me these will be nothing like the first one as they are smaller and should come with little to no pain…on what scale I wonder is he measuring the “pain??” I will let you guys know for sure. See this is WHY you read these blogs week after week right?

3.2.10 Tuesday

Just finished a meeting and lunch with Allan and Steven and Brent. It is always great to see those guys. I always bring up Steven’s father , being a student of film directors, and today was no different. We talked about him seeing a cut of the film Downhill Racer at George Lucas’ [yes THAT George Lucas] house before going skiing one year for his birthday! I love spending time with these guys. Steven always has incredibly stories about his father and growing up on film sets. We are still trying to sort out permit issues…I know, what a shock!!

Wednesday 3.3.10

Also talked to Abe about film test on Friday. Seems like it can work out after some tap dancing around the money issue and some creative work by Brent and me. We are good allies and great partners. He knows when I ask for something it is because I NEED it not because it is a toy or I want it. So he gets it for me. Period.

My wife Shannon, is more amazing than words when it comes to this project and not being able to plan our lives beyond two week stretches [that is how long we know it takes us to get our business visa’s once we get our permit] . I am guessing Elaine is doing the same thing on Brent’s end. Lucky for us we have pretty spectacular wives who are stunningly beautiful too!

So I will now forward this off to Jessica and Brent to proof and see what ends up staying and what ends up being cut. I tease them both… that when this is over I will want to publish my original blogs so people can see the difference. Jessica, I hope you are saving all of them!!:)

Thanks as always for reading and praying and remember God’s timing is perfect and He makes all things work together for our good.



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