Director’s Update

3.22.10 Monday
Let’s see. It is Monday as I write this…still no word on the permit. Trust me, I am asking…almost hourly. When I know…you guys will know! Easter is fast approaching…which just means a ton of work and very little family time.

Did you guys catch Matthew [our lead pastor] on TBN the other night? He did a good job and I thought he fit in well with the two hosts. The movie got a brief mention. You can watch it here.

Helped out a friend from the media team with her dog this morning. It brought me straight back to my training days…attention training, no biting. The first thing good ole Cooper did was run up to me and pee all over my shoe and leg. Thanks Cooper. Cute dog. He will be fine with a little manners work.

I got a chance to see two movies over the weekend…Alice in Wonderland and Crazy Heart. I would see Crazy Heart if I had to pick only one of them. Alice was fun but a little “Tim Burton odd” for Shannon. She slept through most of it…not to mention the theater was freezing!!

I still haven’t been able to see any of the footage we shot…I am wondering if there was actually film in the camera!? Maybe Abe, Allan and Steven were messing with me.

3.23.10 Tuesday
Tuesday night at 10:15 and I am trying to talk my stepdaughter through her homework assignment with limited success. Writing assignments are always a great opportunity for me to hang with her and help out. Tonight she is not happy with this assignment…I have to say I don’t blame her…it does seem like a lame assignment.

Today was a crazy day at work…CPR training from 12 till 5. I love that class. It is really a good course with a great teacher. His name is Larry…he is a good teacher and makes great use of our time.

3.24.10 Wednesday.
In our weekly meeting…still no progress to report. Everyone assures me they are doing all they can. I let it go and move on. I am writing a few different short films. I HAVE to shoot something. I need to exercise my creative muscles or I fear they will atrophy and fall off…like a dead limb. I tell Brent this yesterday afternoon…He gets it. I have expended so much energy getting prepared for this shoot…that has now been pushed for many months…I feel spent. Not a good thing, I don’t like feeling drained. I LOVE making movies and the creative process. I thrive on it and when I am out of that environment for too long it wears on me. I actually need that to balance out my life…just the way I am built I guess.

Who knows if I will shoot a short or not but I am writing…or should I say I am dusting off some of my old shorts…even this makes me feel better. Just the act of thinking about a shoot…I just can’t emotionally think about or continue to plan this one any more right now.

So I will, for the moment, move on to something else and see what happens. After all, it is still in God’s hands. I know all of this is for the good of the project…I truly believe that with all my heart…and that truth makes it a little easier to keep from going completely nutty. I know when we do shoot, we will see WHY all of this had to happen. Why this delay was vital to the success of the shoot. That is our God. He is always protecting us and if we are open to it, guiding us…even when we, like little children, try to fight for our own way. He is a good God…he never wavers or fails his people. This will be no different. He never changes. All things work together for His good…all things work together for His good…rinse and repeat… indefinitely…lessons learned on this project will be invaluable to my future. That is something that life has taught me…a reminder to myself. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn, grow and trust in our amazing God…who created the universe…this film is no sweat for him. This permit is a non-issue. There is a reason for this playing out the way it is playing out. I KNOW it. I feel it. I believe it. Then why does it still irritate me!? Doh. People are nuts…wait, maybe it’s just me. Maybe it is that I am nuts…a realization that I am willing to accept…and even embrace. After all, isn’t that how God made me? Which means he will use my nuttiness to his Glory! Cool.

By the way, I am writing this while the team is planning the Easter services. Brent will undoubtedly not be thrilled. Sorry, I have a very small attention span. I get bored easily…or maybe I should say I get distracted easily. Bored is such a negative word…

Anyway, so there you have it. No new news. I will keep you posted on the short film thing…if that happens or not. In the meantime, keep praying for our permit to come through and for the project as a whole.

As always, thanks for all your support and prayers.

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