Director’s Update

Easter and after….

Let’s see….Easter went well here at the church. 6 services and hopefully a lot of lives changed.

As far as the film goes…what did I tell you guys last? Had I seen the test footage? I can’t remember…age…getting old….losing my memory…what was I saying? Oh yeah, test footage. I met with Abe in Burbank last week. Wait, I think I did already tell you guys about this. That Steven and Allan came by??? Sound familiar. Anyway the footage looked good. We got through a scene, as far as blocking etc goes. That is good. WE sorted out HOW to go through the script. That will be helpful.

I am in the process of talking to storyboard artists now. I was going back and forth with one guy, a friend of a friend of Abe’s I think, anyway bottom line is our storyboard budget is his one day rate! I offered to trade him some of my Tim Burton stuff…actually one of my Tim Burton drawings. He loved the idea, but as we both agreed, the drawing is super cool but it does not pay the rent…unless you sell it, which defeats the purpose of having a Tim Burton original drawing! So, he ultimately decided he could not do it for what we could pay…so I am going back to the drawing board [no pun intended] to try to find someone to meet with Abe and me next week. God has hand delivered every other crewmember, so I have no doubt he will bring us the right person for this task as well.

Last night I did a video shoot for Phil with one of his actress friends named Emily Rose. She is super cool. That went well. I set up a two shot [2 people in the shot] in front of a window with a profile reflection behind Phil…kind of like the Alfred Hitchcock opening to his television show…where it ends in his very distinct profile. A neat shot…I think it was anyway. Then had a second camera on a single of Emily. Should be easy to edit that way.

So, back to the movie…the actual purpose of this blog. I know, sometimes it seems as if I forget that. I write this based on what I would want if I were following a director on a film. If you guys are interested in something specific let me know and I will happily branch out. Anyway, the movie…well we finally are ready to re-submit the script to the Indian Government…6 months into this process! They say three weeks. In three weeks we will have our permit. God willing. We shall see. HE makes all things work together for good. I trust and remember that song and keep moving forward.

Cristi, our wardrobe person got in touch with Danny (the clothing designer friend of mine from Black Hearts Brigade) and he has offered us his samples from a past company that he owned and a past line. This is huge as he is a great designer and the clothes are hip and cool!

Not much else happening at the moment, so I will leave you with a sincere thank you for praying for us and for following our progress!

Be well.


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