Director’s Update


Let’s see…in our morning meeting…again, writing my blog. Just seems like a good environment for me to write in.:) Hope everyone is well. I have had a few people come up to me and ask me if I am doing well…they read my last blog and it sounded down. That surprised me…like I said, I never re-read my blogs or even read them for that matter. I tend to write like I am writing a screenplay first draft…I just write, and write, and write…only with this blog I don’t go back and re-write. With all of that to say, I am doing fine. I am thankful for the prayers and very glad so many of you are still reading! I wrote a PSA [public service announcement] for Not for Sale (a great organization leading the fight against human trafficking…check them out!!) just for my own amusement and because I NEED to shoot something.

I wrote a few ideas and one full 10 minute short. Jessica worked on them a bit with me. Cool. Now, I need to refine them and figure out how to shoot them. I am also working on two other screenplays. Both are low, micro budget film projects that I would self-finance and do with friends. I need to keep my creative wheels spinning while this Not Today stuff gets sorted out.

Brent has been gone the last ten days or so. He is in Washington DC and New York with his son Will for his 8th Grade class trip. Sounds cool. I am guessing he is having fun…and you can check out Brent’s Facebook page for some great pictures of their trip! With him gone, there is not much news on the film. I got an update last week…I think…it was same “we are working on it” or “it is in progress” as always. God is doing something here and I have completely given in to His timeline. We will go when He decides we will go. We will shoot in India if He wills it. If not, we will shoot somewhere else. Either way is fine with me.

Garrett has another baseball game tonight and the kids come home for the next five days. They spent the last five days with their dad. We have them every other week and it is always good when they come home. Everything else is good…Thank God for health, my wife, my step kids, family, employment, good friends, a place to live etc etc etc…so much to be thankful for.

Hope you guys are having a great week as well.
When I know something, you guys will know something!

Thanks for reading


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