Director’s Update

Another Wednesday…another blog!

Got a surprise call this morning at home from Denise. Her and Chris are such neat people. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from her. Seems she wanted to talk permit and to just say hi. She is sweet. Then her phone died and so I called Chris and left him a message, he called back so I got to talk to him as well. A good way to start the morning…after my bike ride. 6:30am ride…cold and hard…mostly climbing. Rode with Dan. He has been riding almost every day for the last week. He pulls me along.

Let’s see…not much new. Seems we might be getting closer. Last week, I spoke to two of our main actors…both are good and still excited to be involved. I am equally excited about their involvement. That is one thing I am certain of…we have a great cast assembled. That is a huge part of my job as the director…cast and the DP. Those two elements are in place and I am excited and ready to dive in.

Trying to remember if anything else came up this past week. It has been relatively quiet…there is a ton of activity behind the scenes…Brent, Steven, Allan, Chris and Denise are all working hard to make this film happen once we get our permit…some of them are working both on getting the permit and what will happen after we get our permit. I am grateful to all of them for their time and effort. Meanwhile, I am trying to remain focused on the job of directing. The writing is finished…well kind of. The script will evolve as we [me and the actors] start to break it down and unravel each character, but for now it is good. Abe and I will continue to story board the film when time permits. I will now start reading over the script, again and again and again to saturate my brain with the details and nuances contained within the 114 pages. I will also begin to identify the visual information as well as to refine the shot selections. This will continue throughout the production.

I am trying to temper my focus. If I get fully engaged, the delays are super frustrating so I have learned through this long delay to not get too engaged…and therefore I don’t get too bummed. Once we get a permit and have some travel set plans, then I will fully engage and focus. That is where I function well. I like the intensity and energy on a film set. I miss that most from my “old life.” [pre church media director job] A film set, when run by a good leader, is the greatest place to be…it is like Disneyland to me. It always has been and I am anxious to get back to that place. All that to say, we may have some good news early next week for all of you who have taken this long ride and who have stood by us!!

Until then, be well…keep praying and stay tuned.

Just wanted to add that Brent and I just had lunch with Ron, Tina and their friend Aaron, a pastor from Bellingham, Washington. Great time. Shannon, my wife stopped by to say hello as well. Tonight we are having a prayer meeting with Aaron for the film. Should be a great time. 7pm in the green room behind the Worship Center at Friends Church in Yorba Linda. The Address is: 5141 Highland Ave, Yorba Linda, CA. Just show up if you are in the area…or can be in the area. A great time of fellowship with some truly great people.



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