Director’s Update

Just got my BLOG reminder and of course happen to be in the Wednesday meeting…as usual!! Great timing Jess 🙂 So what is happening? This week, there actually IS something happening. Not sure I can officially say all that is happening, but things are finally happening!

Big meetings…none that I am in but, big meetings none the less have been going on behind the scenes both here and in India. Sid, George, Chris, Denise, Brent, Steven and Allan all have been on full alert trying to make this permit process come together. Language and time differences are magnified ten fold over the phone. To hear Steven talk about some of these conversations, is laugh out loud funny.

Steven and Allan are here again today for more meetings. They, along with Brent, are discussing timelines and people actually traveling to India. Cool. Still staying a bit reserved though…we shall see if this is the time God wants us to be in India. The irony of shooting in the worst possible month and in fact, the one month of the year people say DO NOT go to India will be when we are there shooting, is not lost on any of us!

Oh well. Pain is temporary, film is forever. I will be happy to be there shooting whatever the conditions are.

Tomorrow, I will spend the day with Abe looking at footage from a 5D. This is the newest and coolest way to shoot films, the only problem is that I haven’t seen any footage that I actually like yet! Steven likes it – it saves a ton of money. Abe likes it – it is easier to use and much faster. I want to like it..but as yet, don’t. Hopefully, I will see something tomorrow that changes my mind.

I am excited about the idea of working with the actors. Working with actors is my fun on set. I love watching them create and make words on the page come to life…usually in unique and interesting ways…and sometimes not anywhere close to how I may have be thinking when writing those words. That is when it gets really fun. That is when I know an actor has claimed that part…that is it no longer something that I can speak to with ultimate authority. That they have become the character they were cast to play…when they can tell me how that character would react in certain circumstances or what they would wear or say. I get the best seat in the house to watch that happening…exciting stuff.

Anyway I think that is about it for today. Hopefully when you read the next blog, it will have a full cast list and a start date!

As always, thanks for your prayers and continued support.



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  1. ScottO

    Still praying!!! Just checked the weather in Hyderabad and it’s only 75°F and 76% humidity. Then again it’s also 9:30 PM at night & thunderstorms with heavy rain.
    Good news ahead! It should be clearer, sunny and warmer next week with highs warming to around 114°F. I guess I will pray for moderation as well.

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