Director’s Update

Friday 5.27.10

As I sit here in my bedroom, looking out the window and working on another tweak of the script, I have to laugh. I just got off the phone with Steven, Abe, then Abe again and Steven and then Abe one more time and then Steven one more time. I think we finally began to agree on a camera package and that was the reason behind the entire morning’s worth of phone calls. When we started out, I don’t think anyone agreed with anyone…about anything…or maybe in hindsight it was just that no one knew what the other person was actually saying! Anyway, that seems all sorted out.

So, I will spend all weekend working on the movie…doing storyboards with two artists and tweaking the script. I guess by the time this is posted we will have had our table read and I will certainly fill you in on how that goes…but it is not for a few more days…anything could happen between now and then. Also was told yesterday that we may lose one of our actors. I guess if he drops out it, is because God has re-cast His film. Needless to say that as things heat up, emails and phone calls fire back and forth at lightning speed! Another typical week in the life of trying to get a film made. THIS is why it takes years to get a film from the page to the screen. Anyway, back to working on the script. I just knew if I didn’t write this down now, come Wednesday when Jessica emails me about a blog, I might forget some of it. This is my way of giving you guys a blow-by-blow of how things happen and then un-happen just as fast. Nothing is easy…nothing worth doing anyway.

Still Friday…four hours later…still working on the script…

I just got to a part in the script where a character finds a body in a trash heap…and was thinking to myself if I have ever seen a dead body…the first thing that comes to mind, is when I was young and my Grandfather died. We went to the funeral home as a family to view the body. Just one problem…when my parents left the viewing room, they left in the room with my grandfather on the table. I remember his arm hanging off the table. Odd. But I also remembered on one of my last trips to India, we were driving and passed a cop and then a flare…my eyes followed a blood trail on the asphalt. I was not prepared for there to actually be a BLOOD trail. At the end of the trail, was a body. We drove past and on our way. Extremely odd.

6.2.10 Wednesday.

I am supposed to be on a plane this afternoon. It will not be happening. God’s timing is perfect. I will leave when He is ready for me to leave. Things are still moving forward…not without drama and conflict, but they are moving forward. Yesterday, we had a production meeting with the key crew coming from the US. I have to say that we have put together a pretty great group of people. All of them have a passion for this project and the subject matter…all of them are really amazing people!

After the meeting, I got to spend some time going through a few scenes with Walid [Bhupinder] and Cody [Ezekiel]. Very encouraging for sure. They are good!

Last Night, we also had a dinner and partial table read at one of the filming locations…an amazing house with a crazy view. It was great to see Wilson and Preston again, as well as Shari and Sarah. This cast is a great one. Dinner was really good and the conversation was fun. I was especially proud to have my stepdaughter there. She is playing a small part in the film and was a bit awestruck just being in Cody’s presence!! It was very cute and Cody was amazing with her. She truly is a fan…and when Cody put her on the phone with his girlfriend who is the lead in one of Lindsey’s favorite shows…oh my!! When I got home she was so excited she could barely settle enough to go to sleep…so to Cody, I say a huge THANK YOU for making Lindsey feel so special.

The night was a good…thanks to everyone involved who worked hard to make it happen [Brent, Nikki, the Chandlers and Beamish families for hosting and setting up, Bev for coming by, Bill and Gayle being there was really great, Jessica, Matthew and of course Bali, JP, Maddie and Chris L….Steven, Allan, Joth, Matt, Cristi, the Martz family and my wife …thanks for coming! A huge thank you to the cast, for being willing to drive to Orange County for the evening. What a great way to start!!!

As always, thanks for reading and for your prayers!



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  1. tizzy

    The film is beginning to come to life! Praise God.

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