Director’s Update

Spent all day today – Thursday June 3rd – in LA. Met with Abe, Jaz and Matt at Birns and Sawyer to do camera tests with the 5D and the 7D converted. We shot Cooke and Baltar lenses. Very different, equally cool though. It was a fun morning.

and Allan dropped by, it is always good to see them. The mood instantly lightens when they walk in. I like them being around….good fun always. After the test, Abe and I return the lenses to Canoga Park and then head to Denny’s to grab a bite to eat and go over some of the storyboards Dan drew. They make it so easy to communicate what I want to Abe, who can then communicate it to his guys. Dan’s boards are worth there weight in gold for sure.

After stuffing ourselves at Denny’s [stay away from the pancake batter rolled in cinnamon little donut looking things!], we head back into Hollywood to go to EFILM to see a 5D film out [digital that has been printed back to film] just to see how that looks. Seemed fine to me. It was actually the same footage we had seen previously at HDI RawWorks last week, only transferred to film. Took a little of the infomercial look out of the footage…seemed fine.

We finished at 5:00pm and I jumped on the 101 freeway with about a billion of my closest friends for the 1:45 minute drive home! Talked to Steven and Shannon and then enjoyed some talk radio. Not too bad. Talked with Cody, he is super pumped and ready to go!! He is a really good guy and I am certain God will use his talents to change lives. He is a gift from God to this project for sure…as are the entire crew and cast. Each one of them seems hand picked and perfect for what we need. It has been amazing to watch how God has moved through this nearly 7-month delay. 7 Months ago I had never heard of a 5D

I get home and work on the script a little more before heading out to an all star baseball pizza party! Eat some pizza and watch the Lakers pound on the Celtics…a good night. Now I am back home and am working on the script some more. Tomorrow, it is back into LA for the fourth time this week to see what we shot today and to finalize a camera package!!

Friday 6.4.10

Ride this morning…the first time back on a bike in a while and I felt it. Then meet up with Stephen Martin and head to LA for the fourth day in a row. Stop by a cool bookstore in Glendale called Brand Books then head over to HDI Raw Works on “The Lot.” We see the footage we shot yesterday…as I expected I did not like the Zeiss lenses all. The Cookes are amazing. The Baltars are beyond amazing especially after Aaron tweaked the softness a little and adjusted the blacks back to black we had a winner!! Baltar’s with two 7D’s. The camera package is set!! Steven is happy since were are abandoning the most expensive lenses on Earth apparently!:) and we are going with 50 year old Russians glass, hand tooled by a guy in Van Nuys. Steven is also happy that we are staying with the 7D package here in Orange County when we return instead of going to 2 perf film. We will shoot the sharper and cleaner Cooke lenses here to get the difference in texture I was looking for. Everyone is happy. Stephen Martin and I head back to the OC after stopping for a Baja Fresh burrito. All in all a great day. The look of the film is set. Check that one off. Now back to the script, storyboards and rehearsing.

Saturday 6.5.10

Spent from 10 till 2 doing story boards with Josh…slowly working our way through the script. I will met with Dan again tomorrow from 2pm till 2am to finish up the action sequence boards. I went over them with Abe a few days ago, and they make a huge difference when trying to explain the style I am looking for. Was up at 6:00am to get Garrett off to Baseball with teammates and then worked on the script until meeting online with Josh…a very full Saturday.

Tuesday 6.8.10

Just got two amazing calls from Brent. There is an editor named Jeff (I absolutely love his work!)…he edits for a director who I really admire. So today, Allan called him and it turns out he is a super nice guy and is interested in the film!! It would be amazing if he came on. Wow, what a gift from God that would be…once again God is assembling his crew for HIS film!!

I have been working with the actors and we are making a ton of progress finding these characters for sure. The two leads have completely different acting styles that will really benefit the film. They are both very excited about the movie and eager to work and grow and stretch and develop and create these characters that before only lived in all of our imaginations. It is great to see Bhupinder and Ezekiel starting to come to life before my eyes. Very exciting stuff for sure.

Wednesday 6.9.10

Spent till 1 am with Dan doing storyboards again…we almost got through everything we needed to…except he said my feet were stinky and it distracted him so we did not finish! One more trip back and we should be able to wrap it up.

I am off to Studio City today, for my 6 or 7th trip to that area in the last week and a half. That drive is a bummer, but it is always productive. Today I will spend a few hours with Cody and Walid, continuing to go through the script for the first time. I will have Jess post some of the boards so you guys can see what we are doing till the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, please pray for Jeff [the possible editor]…that God will put this project on his heart…as I am pretty sure we cannot afford him, but if God wants him on the team, He will make that happen. Prayers are always welcomed and appreciated for every aspect of this project!! Thanks for reading and for supporting the film.

PS. Sorry this is more like a journal than a blog…but the journal idea is something I have been doing for years and years…blogging seems weird to me, so I have chosen to basically keep a public journal for you guys to get a glimpse into my day, week and life. Hope it is not as mundane as it seems when I am writing it…like I am posting my home movies and you guys are forced to watch them for hours on end! That would be a drag.




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2 responses to “Director’s Update

  1. Leanne

    So excited to hear about the things that are happening. AND that things are actually happening and the waiting and wondering is behind you. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I’ll be praying that God continues to work in and through you all!

  2. ScottO

    Wow, I am so excited for what God is going to do and has done already. See you Saturday & Sunday!

    P.S. A blog is a type of journal, no worries! This one is epic.

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