Director’s Update

Wednesday 6.16.10

Just arrived at Dan Hamilton’s to do one more session of boards before Brent and I head off into the next chapter of the Not Today saga! Had a great meeting with John Schneider…yes that John Schneider.:) What a nice guy. He will fit in really well with our crew. It was a great meet him and I feel like we both walked away feeling good about the film and working together. I am excited to see what he does with Luke. As I was explaining to him what I wanted and what I was thinking when writing that character, I realized that…while it is based on my first two years of marriage and being a stepparent, I could never write the depth that he will bring to the party. He has been married for a long time and has some great first impressions of how to play this character. Again, very exciting stuff.

Brent is still working on the editor situation…stay tuned and keep praying…

Like I said, now I am spending the rest of the day with Hammy to try and knock out a few more boards. It is always a treat to hang with Dan. He is easy going, completely neurotic 🙂 and always entertaining! Not sure how much we can get through, but we will try to work as fast as possible. I have to add…that since I was here, Hammy added a platform for his desk and computer etc. it is really big…takes up half the room actually if not more. Now I am forced to look up at him…see photo below…

I used to work right next to him on a TV tray, now I am using the floor of the platform as my desk top and am looking up at him…I tease him that he did this on purpose so I would have to look up at him!

So as of now, Brent and I leave Friday…Which means, the next blog will be from India. We are probably going to Mumbai first… then Goa, then Hyderabad to finish casting and location scouting. Busy busy busy…but it will be fun to finally get back to India. I do like it there. It is so completely different than anything here. The smells, sounds and sights are overwhelming, hyper stimulating and very exciting. Probably though, it won’t hold a candle to what my wife will be dealing with in my absence with the kids home for the summer!

I spent a few days working with Cody and Walid. They are really going to do well. They are both very excited and eager to find their characters and create something that will be sincere, honest and impactful. I am happy with how they are coming along.

Packing up to head home in traffic with about a billion of my closest friends! Got some good work done…need to be home tonight. Garrett gets his all star uniform in a ceremony at the field and I want to go to with Shannon. Should be fun. And then tomorrow we have Lindsey’s 8th grade Graduation. A big day!

Until we speak again…God willing from India!
As always, thanks for praying, following and supporting this project.



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2 responses to “Director’s Update

  1. It’s so awesome to see God’s hand working in this film and bringing such talent together for his glory. Have a fun and safe journey!

  2. Jon,
    I am excited for you….its finally happening! I can easily hear the joy in reading your updates. Be safe!!

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