Brent & Jon Travel to India

Jon Van Dyke (Director) and Brent Martz (Producer) left Friday evening for India. They arrived in Hyderabad, India yesterday morning. Here are a few entertaining video clips of our weary travelers…

Another update from Brent last night, reads… “In Hyderabad finally – spending the day today trying to let my body figure out what time it actually is here. 12 1/2 hours is a crazy time difference. Already enjoyed some Indian cuisine and experienced the amazing Indian hospitality. Jon and I are going through the script for specific locations and tomorrow we meet Kavya!”

Please continue to pray for Jon and Brent!



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3 responses to “Brent & Jon Travel to India

  1. Merle Sousa

    This is great Brent. I know you and Jon will be busy but if you can keep this up at times, we, your family back in the states REALLY love it.

  2. Pattysantos

    So glad u guys are there! Praying for you and your families! Happy Father’s Day to you both!

  3. Nikki

    Great idea, Brent and Jon! Keep ’em coming! Praying for you both!

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