India Update June 28, 2010


Here we are at OM again.  I just finished visiting with Persis…man she is cute!!  We had a light saber fight with my iPhone and I turned a wheeled chair into a carnival ride racing her up and down the hallways, much to her delight.  She is so cute and personable.  She will be great in the film.  We had a good weekend of hanging out and getting ready for the week to come.  We leave later tonight for Mumbai for a few days to scout and do some casting there.  Then we head to Goa on the western coast to scout there as well.  Should be a productive week for sure.  Then we will return to Hyderabad for a while I guess…we are still waiting for firm travel dates for the rest of the crew   God’s timing…I keep telling myself…sound familiar to anyone who has followed this blog?:)  “He makes all things work together for His good” is also a constant refrain.

It is so great to be here working…

We just finished having lunch with Jay, Mike and JP from our church as well as the amazing Beena, Leah and a few others…it was a lively conversation all around.  Beena helped us print out all of my storyboards and then asked me to go over the story with them. Beena is amazing and super fun!!  She just called the manager of the hotel where we stay here in Hyderabad and told him to find us nice rooms in Mumbai.  They talked for a few minutes then she said “I go into a meeting at 2:30 [it is 2:25 now] call me before then…your time starts now.”  She is so funny.  She said Ty, the hotel manager, was laughing.  She is very efficient and fun to hang out with as well!

We are still here at OM waiting to head to the airport…I have been working on my shot list and my notes for set as well as making a copy of the storyboards for anyone who needs them when our team arrives.  Overall a good day…now I am ready to fly so we can land and get to work in Mumbai!

Thanks again for following and check out the videos we are posting for a look inside the making of the film.

Here is the Video Update from today…


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