India Update June 29, 2010


The flight last night was not amazing for sure.  Delayed over an hour and then taking an hour longer than it should…see the picture Brent took of our flight path, you will notice that we circled 8 times before landing!

We got to the hotel at 1:30 or so in the morning.  We spent the day with Sid, Harry and Immi location scouting all over Mumbai, it was incredibly productive as usual.  We found possible locations for most of the scenes that take place here.  The balance of the film, is to showcase the good of India…having shown the bad for a while in the film by the time we reach Mumbai.  I am sure we will find the balance, as this country is so beautiful.  Today we saw train stations, slums and brothels – this was troubling as we actually went to the Red Light district in Mumbai. This was especially difficult, as we walked in the midst of brothels. The things we saw are indescribable…for this, I have to go to a different place in my mind in order to be able to see this without emotion.  It is truly heartbreaking.  I tell Brent this is why we are making this movie.  For these girls and the millions like them.  It is hard to see.  When we get back to the car, Sid tells us that the local guy told us to come back later tonight…when they are up and working.  Heartbreaking and completely disturbing.  This is why we are making this movie, I tell myself this time.  After that we cruise around Mumbai looking at slums, burned out buildings, train stations and restaurants…all locations we will need.  

We finally end up back at the hotel at almost 8:00 pm.  My desire for authenticity as much as possible…to shoot this film as real as possible, puts us in very uncomfortable places sometimes…today was one of those times. It is time for bed…another productive, yet troubling day…this movie will affect me for the rest of my life. Thanks again for reading and praying.  Tonight, if you find a minute, say a prayer for those in the Red Light District.




Another great day of location scouting…and sobering, too.  We went to the Red Light district in Mumbai…very disturbing.  We saw a dingy building (the owner thought we were potential customers – that in itself was awful) I looked past the owner and saw a rickety staircase…leading to what I can’t even imagine…very sobering and a good reminder of why we’re making this movie.  As I was leaving, the owner said to me, “Please come back this evening.”  Crazy and awful.

We saw a ton of other locations, too. Mumbai is huge and when you walk outside, its like you put on a wet, hot blanket and wear it all day! Thank God for AC!  🙂


Watch our Daily Update video below….



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4 responses to “India Update June 29, 2010

  1. preston

    wow to everything i just read and saw.. i look forward to meeting up with you guys. red-light will def be in my prayers tonight

  2. Selvina James

    Hi Jon & Brent,

    We have been praying for you & this great ministry. We’ll continue to keep you & your families covered under His blood.

    Vasanth & Selvina

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