India Update June 30, 2010


Well, today was another productive day in Mumbai.  We continued location scouting all over the city.  We are still looking for a second brothel and a restaurant.  We found a great restaurant called Zus [I think], it is really cool and has an outside seating area and a small indoor area where everyone sits on the ground and smokes hookas.  Very Indian for sure!!  And it also has a small room in the back where you sit on the floor and eat this place will play really well and fits the story and scene action perfectly.  Another gift from God.  He sure continues to look out for us and His project!!  Then we went back to the office where Sid, Harry and Immi work of for a while.  They wanted to finish the set up for tomorrow’s casting session and show us a few videos.  On a side note, I have been asking for 3×5 cards for a few days now.  Seems this is foreign to our guys and so today they got a card from me and had a guy go out and buy paper and they sent it off to a printer to have him cut 300 – 3×5 cards for me to make my scene notes on.  I am guessing I will be the only one with hand cut 3×5 cards in my neighborhood when I return!:)  That is how nice and amenable these guys are.  Of course I had no idea they were doing all that, I figured we would just stop by a store and pick up a few packages.  Lesson learned.

We finished off the day looking at another possible brothel location and trying to look at another option for a burned out church…we could not view the church location and the brothel location was okay…it just did not hit me as being perfect and that is what I am looking for.  A location for me picks itself be being perfectly suited to the story and the scene it is needed for.  So, we will continue to look tomorrow and Friday if necessary.

I ended the day with a Skype call to my wonderful, amazing wife!!  It is always the perfect way to end a day…while I am 7000 miles away from home, missing her and my step kids.

Be well and as always thanks for reading.


Here is our video update…


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