India Update July 1, 2010


Well today started a bit rough. The guys sent a car for us that was delayed and we ended up getting to our meeting almost three hours after it was to start!  Bummer.  Oh well.

Then off to casting.  We spent about 6 hours in a room at a school called the Ryan group.  They were very nice, even greeted us with badges and a flower, it was very sweet.  Over the course of the day, we saw tons of actors for all the various Indian roles.  Some good…some even really good and some…well not so good.  The Indian style of acting is very big and broad with a lot of mugging [big facial expressions] and animation and speaking very loudly…a lot of the actors that came in today were theater trained.  In theater, actors are trained to project their voice to the back row.  In film, it is very different.  It is much more intimate and my style for this film unparticular is the opposite of what you would see in a theater.  I am looking for a real and natural being, instead of broad acting and talking.  I found myself saying over and over all day to Sid, “ask them to do less” or “smaller.”  That actually became the running joke toward the end of the day.  The last guy that came in danced and tried to convince us that he was a super star or something.  Sid could not explain what he was speaking about so we watched.  It was a great way to end the day.

Headed back to hotel to go over wardrobe photos for Cristi and then I will work on the script some more.  Thank God for another productive day!!




Today was a good day.  We woke up and hurried off to a meeting with the guys from Johny Lever Film Company (Sid, Harry and Immi) and George Hoskins. George lives half of the year in the US and half of it in India.  He was the person that put us together with Johny Lever Film Company to begin with.  He shared a lot of information with us and shed some light on why this process has been so long and drawn out for us.  I’d like to write more, but better leave it at that.

After the meeting, we went to casting.  We held our casting session at the Ryan Global School in Mumbai.  This is the largest privately held school system in the world.  They were very hospitable to us for the 6 hours that we spent there casting today.  We saw a lot of interesting and diverse talent, but we have Mumbai completely cast.  Here are a few pictures of people that auditioned for us….all in all a great day.

God has been SO good to us in the last two weeks.  We have seen and chosen 90% of our locations and we have 90% of our casting done as well.  It has been a very busy, but very productive two weeks.  Praise God for that!!

However, we need urgent prayer!  Please pray right now that God will move and that we get final approval to film in India.  Everything is supposed to be finalized by the end of this week (it is currently Thursday night in Mumbai).  Please, please pray that this happens without delay and we can begin to fly crew over next week.  We need God to do “exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or imagine” in the next 24 hours and we’d greatly appreciate your prayers!

Thanks for reading and watching!


Here is our video update…



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4 responses to “India Update July 1, 2010

  1. Lauren Roach

    Hey Guys,
    Looks like you are having a good time. Just wanted to let you know i am praying for you, and that i am very excited to see this movie come together! Love you all!

  2. derek

    its great to follow you in the venture. im excited for the continued journey…

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