India Update July 3, 2010


Back in Hyderabad…
Well, it has been a very long day that started at 4:45am this morning in Mumbai and is still going, 2 states and some 16 hours later! The flight to Goa was fast and easy…just about an hour long. It almost took as long to actually get to our plane by bus! It was in a “remote location” according to our flight coordinator. No kidding 🙂

Landing in Goa, we were met with rain. It truly is the Monsoon season. It rained most of the day, but was probably in the low 80’s temperature wise. This place is amazing. It is like a lush rainforest mixed with an old European village. Very cool. We met up with our location manager Tony, and set off with a driver to try and find a few remaining locations. We are still in need of a train station, street, second brothel and possibly a burned out church. Tony was all over it and we found a great train station called Mardgon [I think?] and then a street near the middle of town and the top floor of a run down dilapidated hotel that actually used to be a brothel way back when. The train station and the street we will use for sure not sure about the hotel. After finding what we needed we took off to North Goa to see the ruins at St. Augustine’s. Really cool! It is 400 years old or so and about an hour’s drive from what is now the center of town. We then went into old Goa to eat lunch…in a cool restaurant that played 70’s and 80’s American rock music…like the Scorpions. Crazy.

Lunch was good then we headed back to the airport for our 4:30 flight to Hyderabad. Once again, we board a bus only this time it takes us just across the runway to a very old looking prop plane! I am in seat 1D and Brent is in seat 1C!! I have never been in seat 1 on a plane before. Anyway that was probably the most pleasant flight of this trip so far! Plenty of leg room, no one next to me in the front row, an emergency exit row to boot and a smooth ride all the way to Hyderabad!! What more could we ask for…another great week of scouting and two safe flights in one day! God is truly watching out for us. Anyway, now we are back in our hotel in Hyderabad and will decompress about this past week tomorrow…then be back at Monday. Can’t wait to see Persis again! ..and Shannon arrives Monday 🙂


One word about Goa – amazing. It is the most beautiful part of India that I have been to – and I’ve been to a lot of places in India. It is part “little town Maui,” part “old European village (thanks to its huge Portuguese influence)” and all things India. Kind of hard to explain, but hopefully some of our video update will help you see just a glimpse of what we saw today.

It was a quick trip. We were up at 4:30am to make our 6:30am flight. We landed about 7:45am and were off to two local train stations and then some great sights all around this coastal state. Our flight left at 4:25 and we landed early in Hyderabad at 6:00. We’re glad to be back “home” here and looking forward to Elaine and Shannon joining us late Monday night. They’ve both never been here, so it should be a great week – Jon and I can’t wait for them to get here!

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll post again on Monday. Happy 4th of July!


Here is our Video Update….


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