India Update July 5, 2010



Spent the morning of the fourth of July here in India on Skype with my wife and then Steven our line producer. Very productive on both counts. Then spent my afternoon working on the script…trying new character names and writing for specific locations now that we have them. All good stuff. Tomorrow, our Monday, we will head back to OM to spend some time with Persis Karen again! She is always fun! Then more script work and God willing, we will get good news on the permit process and get people [crew] heading this way. I may have a new name for our lead. I will let you know after I sit with it for a few days!


Today there was a nationwide strike, so Persis Karen was not in school. Bummer. I will see her tomorrow for sure. I spent today working on the script and will continue that until I am finished. I got to page 52 of 120. Still a long way to go… Anyway, we will check in at the end of the day tomorrow. Give you an update on Persis! Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!

Thanks as always for your prayers.



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