India Update July 6, 2010


Not a ton to report.  Went to OM and hung with Persis for a bit.  She was almost done with school, so I walked her back to her class and met her mother.  Persis was fun and lively as usual.  She is so cute and will no doubt capture people’s hearts in the film.  Persis lead me over to the school to meet her mother who was surprised and happy to finally meet the person that has been working with her daughter.  She told me Persis was not telling her anything about the project at all.  She did not know if it was a five-minute film or even if we had already shot!  I laughed, so did Persis!  I explained to her mother what the deal was and she asked me if her daughter could do it.  At first I did not know what she meant.  I finally figured out she was asking if her daughter was a good actress or not!  I smiled and said “Absolutely, and she will do a great job.”  When she was finished she sent me on my way.  A short but fun visit!  By the way, my wife is here! She and Brent’s wife arrived late last night.  Shannon had her first car ride in India…white knuckle for sure.  Indian traffic is its own beast.  She loved Persis and enjoyed a tour of the OM facility.  It is nice to have my other half her with me for a week!



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