India Update July 8, 2010


Today was a super full day.  John, our OM driver, picked us up at 8:30.  Thank God that Brent was up and running today [he was sick yesterday]. We made our first stop at a slum and school by the old airport. This is the first time Shannon (my wife) and Elaine (Brent’s wife) have been to India, so it was really neat to see them experience this place for the first time….from the schools and kids to the driving. India is such an amazing experience.  From there we went back to OM for some tea and, then, to a slum called Pipe Village.  The families make homes out of discarded concrete pipes.  Pretty amazing. Shannon and Elaine LOVED the kids, and I have to say, the kids loved them as well!!  So we toured the place, the kids sang songs for us and then Skip said a prayer over the entire group.  Next, we went to another slum in a rock quarry. The rock quarry slum was also filled with incredible people and once again, Shannon and Elaine had a great time with the children.  They handed out biscuits to everyone and one kid in particular had quite a connection to Shannon.  He was a bit shy, but really wanted the biscuits, so Shannon sort of eased closer to him as he moved a little toward her until they were close enough that he could get his biscuits.  He took them and squealed with delight… then ran around playing hide and seek with Shannon!  I think you can see a clip of him in our Video update…he is the little boy in pink shorts.

All in all a great day!  I will try to work a little on the script now, then call it a night.




It was nice to be up and about again today.  I was really sick yesterday – the worst sick I have ever been.  I’m pretty sure that it was something I ate – I have been a little adventurous.  It was like something was living inside of me and just wanted to get OUT!  I had a team of people taking care of me, including Beena from OM, one of the hotel managers, David…plus Elaine, Jon, Shannon and Skip.  The prayers from everyone at home were felt for sure, too.  I was really bummed that this happened on Elaine’s first day here, but at the same time, was really glad that she was here to help take care of me! 🙂

So, today we ventured out in India.  Elaine’s first outing since arriving here three days ago.  It was great to see India through her eyes.  You’re going to get her comments (and Shannon’s, too) firsthand – probably in tomorrow’s video blog.  It was pretty amazing to go back to Rasoolpura slum again and see the school and especially the kids.  They are so beautiful and full of life.

We went to OM for Chai – which is very good, by the way – and then on to Pipe Village and a rock quarry slum. Both of those places, although incredibly simple and lacking anything that we would call “basic” in the US, were great stops where we, once again, encountered the amazing beauty of India – the people!

We spent the afternoon doing a little shopping for the ladies – they both got some beautiful Indian outfits – don’t really know what they’re called.  But after pulling over 100 different ones off the shelf – we finally landed on a few for each of them.  They’re being tailored tonight and we’ll pick them up tomorrow.  Once again, the beauty of India was all around us…as the staff of the tiny little shop were so helpful, kind and accommodating during our time there.

All in all, a great day.  Please continue to pray for our permit.  We need God’s hand to intervene and for His hand to motivate the hands that will sign off.  Thank you for praying with us.


Here is our Video Update…


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