India Update July 9, 2010

Today we spent a great deal of time at OM. The girls took a tour, while I played with Persis. She was her wonderful, cute, fun self…especially when Shannon suggested I play a hand game with her to make it more personal than the games on my iPhone! It worked very well. She was giggling, laughing and having a great time. When it was time for her to go back to class, I gave her a piggyback ride across campus…she took great joy in yelling, “Faster, Faster!” I would take off running and she would giggle with delight. Persis is such a neat little girl…I hope the world gets to meet her through this film.

The girls had another wonderful but busy day hanging out and touring OM. We went up to the third floor where the Lydia Project is located. Shannon bought a really pretty purse and Elaine bought some jewelry. Brent made contact with Beryl and the anti-human trafficking branch that OM has recently started. They discussed some ideas and we will certainly be working with them through this film. Thanks again for reading and as always, please continue to pray our permit comes through….soon.

Here is our video update…


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