India Update July 10, 2010

Today we went to the Hyderabad Museum and saw some cool, old stuff.  Then we were fortunate enough to be able to spend a few hours in Charminar shopping…at least our wives were shopping, they seemed extremely happy!!  Everyone went to the top of Charminar…except me.  I started up the narrow, cramped stairway and got about twenty steps then headed back down.  It was too tight and cramped for me.  I waited for the group at the bottom…apparently it is really pretty from the top!  No worries, I am not a big fan of heights either.

Once we got back to the hotel, I grabbed a few hours to work on the script.  I am on page 72 now…slowly but surely working my way through.  Tomorrow is another day!  Monday is the big day for the permit…I know, I feel the same way…but all we can do is wait and pray and see what God is going to do with this project! Anyway, have a good day and thanks for reading and praying.


Here is our Video Update…


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