India Update July 14, 2010


I was up last night until 1:00am and then back at it at 9:00am this morning and finally finished the latest draft of the script.  Now, the script is off to Brent for his thoughts and then it comes back to me.  I took another ride to OM with Ramesh and then hung out with Persis Karen again.  I have been asking for a teacher/acting coach for Persis for a while now.  I have spent the last few weeks developing a relationship with her, so she will be comfortable on set…but the language barrier will keep me from being her only source of input on the set.  So Beena suggest this guy Surya….he is a known Telegu actor and a very nice man who is also a Christian.  In fact his car has Bible verses pasted over every possible spot…the hood, sides, and trunk.  I could not see the roof.  He came today and spent about an hour with Persis and me.  He was a teacher for 22 years and also an actor and he now teaches acting.  Having kids on set is a very tricky game.  They are great when comfortable…they are not as good when asked to “act” when they have not had the proper training.  This guy can help her understand and show the emotion needed in some of her more intense scenes.  He was very good with her.  He did tell me at the start that he asked Persis to put down my phone and stop playing and she told him no.  I laughed and scooped her up like a rag doll and took the phone, she giggled and we went to “work.”  She was perfectly happy to go either way…but given the choice she was equally happy to tell him no.  So that went well and we will make him an offer.

It was the end of the day, and I needed to head back to the hotel.  The only thing I could find was a guy driving a two-wheeler [motorcycle, but that is what they call them here].  Of course I jumped at the chance to experience India traffic on a two-wheeler.  Off we went.  Not ideal to see a huge wreck just over a block from OM…seems a small auto rickshaw had gone off the road and flipped down a ravine.  So we navigate around that and make our way toward the hotel.  All is fine until my driver gets a phone call.  He does not stop or even slow down, but instead answers the phone and talks while trying to navigate India traffic.  Now that was fun!  Apparently he was having a hard time hearing though because we did pull over about five minutes later so he could finish his conversation.  Crazy, but fun…all part of the adventure of being here.

Thanks again and as always for praying for us!  We need it for sure:)

Be well



Well, my update for today is a little different.  After finishing up my tasks in India, I came home with Elaine and Shannon yesterday.  I have several tasks that have to be done back in LA before we shoot…so I flew home with them.  Yesterday also happened to be my daughter Maddie’s 13th birthday.  We didn’t tell anyone that I was coming home…because a surprise like this is too good to risk blowing!  So, my dad picked us up at LAX and drove us home, where everyone was waiting to celebrate Maddie’s birthday.  Elaine and my dad went inside and then a few minutes later, I knocked on the door.  We’ll let the video tell the rest of the story!

Here is our Video Update with clips from Jon’s two-wheeler ride and my surprise for my daughter Maddie…


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  1. Tina konkin

    Hi jon missing u guys but love hearing how God is moving. Blessings on u overflowing pressed down and all of that Tina

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