India Update July 15, 2010


Kind of a quiet day.  I went to OM earlier than normal, since we had a few stops to make on the way.  I am looking for a suitable replacement for a location that, as it stands now, is 2 hour drive away from the city.  This is a problem for many reasons…but I we have to use that place unless I can find something that not only works better logistically, but thematically as well.  The sequence, as written, is very specific in what it needs to convey.  I would love to avoid the drive and save the four hours of travel! That could be a prayer request!:)  I found a place today that we had seen a year or so ago…it might work. Tomorrow we will go back with the location guy, to sort out ownership of the land and permission to shoot.   Location scouting with Beena is extremely entertaining!  She is so much fun to hang out with, very efficient and seemingly unflappable.  We drove up to a public dumpsite and she marched right up through all the giant trucks to find the guy in charge!

After that we head to OM.  I talked with Steven about money for the teacher for Persis…I think we found our guy!  That is a praise report:)  Then of course Persis came in! We played, had biscuits and tea and just hung out.  She gets more and more relaxed by the day!  The time I have spent hanging out with her…is such a gift from God and will pay off later in her performance on set.

Have a great day.




Talked with Steven at the end of the day yesterday and got great news.  He was walking out of the visa office in San Francisco with ALL of crew visas approved!  Now, we are full steam ahead to get the crew and cast to India and begin filming.  We’re still working on setting the dates for production, but have overcome some large hurdles for actually getting everyone to India.  This is great news!  Steven, Allan and I will meet tomorrow to go over the schedule and finalize some other details.  There is a lot to discuss, but we’re getting really close to making this movie.

I read over the latest draft of the script and sent my notes and thoughts to Jon.  It is really good.  I can visualize and feel it now, more than ever.  Having seen all of the locations, being in India again…immersed in the culture, it feels right.  If God blesses, this movie will make a difference.  It will change things.  That is something exciting and worth the huge effort that this has been – both emotionally and physically.  Say a quick prayer of thanks to God for bringing us this far and also a prayer that He continues to guide and protect this project.

Here is our video update with a few clips of Jon and Persis…


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