India Update July 16, 2010


I spent this morning with Beena and Manek, the Hyderabad locations manager.  We went to check out a location that I am interested in using.  He seemed reasonably sure it would be no problem.  Then we made a list of what he needs from us to secure “permissions” for the shoot.  Each location will need “permissions,” meaning that the local police and the land owner will have to sign off on our being able to use the place we have selected.  It is a little bit of a deal and can take up to 15 days to secure these “permissions”.

After we finished, we headed back to OM and stopped in the school yard to get Persis.  She is very cute.  We were able to spend a little bit of time on Skype with Shannon and my step daughter Lindsey.  Persis was very cute and extremely fidgety.  She seemed to like talking with the girls from so far away…then she saw herself in the picture window and started making funny faces and cutting up, much to the delight of Shannon and Lindsey.

Once back at the hotel, I went through the schedule and over the weekend I will continue to work on my shot list.  The work of actually making this film is just now getting started!

Until Monday…
Thanks again for praying for the project.  It is deeply appreciated!

Here is our Video Update:


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