India Update July 20, 2010


Today was very busy. Still spending most of my time working on my shot list. I am almost half way through the script. There are a lot of shots in this film! Today I went to OM for a conference call with the producers. That lasted about an hour…talking business and trying to sort out assorted issues with locations and customs and trains etc…very daunting. But, about three quarters of an hour into the meeting Persis showed up and lighten the mood completely! We hung out for a while. Went on Skype again so Garrett [my step son] could meet Persis. Lindsey and Shannon said hi to her as well. They just love her! Everyone seems to enjoy her. Beena told me today when she sent her back to school she said something to Persis on her way out the door. I asked her what she said and she told me that she told Persis to go straight back to school. Apparently Persis knows everyone and stops to visit after leaving me some days!! How funny is that? She is an amazing gift from God for this film. Beena also took me to the mess hall to say hi to the team from Friends Church that arrived yesterday. It was nice to see some familiar faces and to meet some new people. They seemed to be having a great time. It is always nice to see people here for the first time.

I headed back to hotel for more shot list work…only stopped for a half hour to eat and visit with my friend Mithune. He is always game for an interesting conversation while I eat. Now, I will spend until midnight or so working more on the shot list. Seems Abe (Cinematography) will be here Friday. I need this done by then so we can get to work! Anyway, thanks as always for taking a minute or two to read up on what is going on half way across the globe…or maybe all the way across the globe! Have a great day and if you have a minute, say a prayer for customs, trains, actors, locations, permissions and everything else that needs to fall into place over the next few weeks!

Spent today in meetings of all kinds – from conference calls, to emails and phone conversations – trying to make headway and move forward with the film. It is becoming increasingly difficult with producers and key crew in 3 different locations (Hyderabad, Mumbai and Los Angeles) so we are trying to streamline communication so that we are all hearing the same things.

Right now, the key points of discussion center around getting our carnet approved for customs so that we can get our equipment into India, finalizing locations so that permits can be approved, deciding on where we are going to film the train segments, finalizing the few remaining actor deal memos, locking in our India budget and getting the American crew to India in a timely manner (and probably a dozen or so other important details that need attention now!).

We have locked our production start date and it will be Tuesday, August 3. So, that is two weeks from today and there is much to accomplish, but that is a very realistic date. Having that date set is imperative for locations, casting, etc. So, we move forward with more phone calls, emails and conference calls to that end.

I’m constantly reminded to “cast your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7. That is a daily, if not hourly prayer! Thanks for joining us on the journey and as Jon said, for your prayers as well.


Here is our Video Update:


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