India Update July 21, 2010

Wednesday the 21 st of July [I think?] 2010. I am sure the year is correct.:) Today was another super productive and busy day again. I started day with a conference call with Chris, Denise, Steven and Brent. Very informative. Then off to OM…by the way, the Shot list is coming along! Very time consuming work. Shooting the film in my head before I shoot the film. And then to OM to hang with Persis. Very cute as usual! Then I got a special treat and got to go to Beena’s house for lunch and meet her dogs “Don” and “Scooby” two yellow labs. Great fun. She made lunch and we hung out and ate. A great time. Then back to the hotel for more shot list work. There sure are a lot of shots in this film!

Here is our video update:


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  1. pamela

    Bless bless bless you…all of you!

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