India Update July 23, 2010


Another interesting day here in Hyderabad…to OM to work with Beena and get the scenes for Persis ready for her teacher/coach to start with on Monday.  Abe (our Cinematographer) has arrived.  Great to see him and it is also great what he represents….the crew is starting to arrive!  One by one, or two by two, they are coming…which means we are moving forward and there is a light at the end of the tunnel…I will get to see my wife and kids again sometime in the not to distant future.  All good stuff.  I also got to see Chris and Denise (2 of the Producers) again…it has been way too long!  And one more special treat…the Friends Church team came to dinner here at the hotel!!  So I got to hang with them for a few hours and break some bread.  A great way to end the week.  Tomorrow Abe and I will start going over my shot list, the storyboards and making a plan.  Now the fun begins.  I am very excited about getting the prep under way.  Being on set has always been fun for me.  The prep rarely is.  Just the nature of the game.

Have a good day/night and thanks again for giving us a few minutes of your time.




Today has been a whirlwind of phone calls, emails and texts.  I can’t be away from any of the above for more than 5 minutes as something will happen that dictates immediate response.  Nothing seems to be able to wait!

I am leaving to return to India next Tuesday and so much needs to be done before I go.  I’m grateful for a great team to help make this all happen.  Steven Ritchie and Allan Hagan have been amazing and continue to help bring all of these details together.

I picked up the sample “puppet” that Jamie Kough designed and fabricated for us to use when we get to India in the movie.  Walid Amini – who is playing our lead Indian character – will take this prototype and find similar things from the streets of India to manufacture and create his own version of his “puppet.”  Here is a picture so that you can see what we’re working from – thanks, Jamie!

I’m taking advantage of being with my family, too!  It has been great to be home.  I’ve been able to watch Will at a football scrimmage, see Maddie at a local cheerleading clinic and this morning, Sophia and I had breakfast together and talked about “life and her plans for the rest of the summer.”  I’m also grateful for an amazing wife who encourages me and is very patient with me as my mind is full of so many details and plans that sometimes it takes me a minute to respond to her questions!  🙂  I’m a very blessed!  I’d also like to thank Traci, Bev, Renee, Amy and Nikki from the church who have been extremely helpful in the last few days/weeks with all of our budget and financial needs (wire transfers, check requests, clerical needs, scanning, faxing, etc. etc. etc.) – these ladies are the best and we couldn’t make this movie without them!

OK – enough from me today.  More of the same tomorrow and the next day, I’m sure.  We’re doing a live “in-service” interview from India on the weekend of July 31/August 1 at Friends Church.  Production begins August 3 in India – and that is RIGHT around the corner.  God continues to let us know that He is in charge and proves it moment by moment.  I’m grateful that He has this project in His hands!


Here is our video update:


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