India Update July 26, 2010


Big day…the first work day since Abe and also Walid have arrived in India.  Also a very full day.  Kept refining the shot list…Cut 12 shots…doesn’t sound like a bunch for the first ten or so scenes that is a good chunk!  Hurt to see some of those shots go but better now…so I can get over it than on set when time is running out or light is running out and everyone is in a panic.

Next, we went to OM to meet with Surya and Beena to work on the translation for Persis to work from.  She stopped by and was super cute as usual! Then Abe, Chris and I went to the scouted locations so Abe could see them.  One of them had changed so much that I had to redesign the sequence on the spot.  I think it is better now.  Thank you God for posting obstacles in our way…in my experience, that often makes things better.

We came back to hotel for dinner then out again at 8:00 pm for more location scouting.  Abe needed to revisit the  same locations to see them at night. Now I am back in hotel and will work on shot list for a few hours and then off to bed.  A very full day.

Here is our Video Update:


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