India Update August 2, 2010

India Update August 2, 2010

Today was very full and incredibly productive! Many meetings, finalizing locations, cast rehearsals, etc.

Two of our lead actors, Cody Longo and Walid Amini, are here and have been busy rehearsing. Today, we visited the Good Shepherd School at the OM base and Cody and Walid were able to meet a ton of the kids.

Here are a few clips from our day…



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2 responses to “India Update August 2, 2010

  1. Shannon Van Dyke

    Love the videos! So great to see Cody and Walid playing with the kids! Even better to see my Hubby working…he is NEVER on camera! Keep up the great work. The buzz in OC is getting bigger! 🙂

  2. Do you know where the dalit Children and Dalit People live? Do you know about untouchables and back ward people Live? Do you know how the dalit and untouchable kids are being sold by their Parents?Do you know how the grown up girls are being forced to Prostitution? For all these questions you have to visit the villages of Untouchables so that you can have a clear idea and you can see the real condition of the people and the Kids.Come to our Dalit villages and see the real condition of these people.Pray for 89 dalit kids who are styaing with me at my home.
    Sister Sunitha
    Dalit women

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