India Update August 3, 2010

Once again, today was busy!  Our Camera Crew set up the camera trucks with gear and lights…our actors spent the day at OM rehearsing…and Cristi, our Wardrobe coordinator, was able to get many of the clothing pieces needed for the film…a very productive day all around!

Here is an interview Brent (our Producer) did this past weekend at Friends Church via Skype…


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One response to “India Update August 3, 2010

  1. Do you know where the dalit Children and Dalit People live? Do you know about untouchables and back ward people Live? Do you know how the dalit and untouchable kids are being sold by their Parents?Do you know how the grown up girls are being forced to Prostitution? For all these questions you have to visit the villages of Untouchables so that you can have a clear idea and you can see the real condition of the people and the Kids.Come to our Dalit villages and see the real condition of these people.Pray for 89 dalit kids who are styaing with me at my home.
    Sister Sunitha
    Dalit women

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